My Little Mayberry: Haywire

Denise Denton-Rinzler | Local columnist

Have you noticed everything electronic and mechanical seems to go haywire at once? Maybe it’s solar flares or alignment of planets or weird magnetic fields. More likely, the warranties just expired.

Speaking of haywire, I sincerely wish computer techs would quit “improving” the programs I use. The improvements are a headache, poorly planned and slowed down work. When the system fails soon afterward, it’s invariably due to some new update.

Hey! If I ask, then improve it. Otherwise, STOP already!

The opposite problem is having to beg service people to take your money to do things. I’ve been trying to get trees removed since July. Waited three months to get my chimney cleaned – they canceled twice. Waited two weeks to complete a minor dryer repair. My car’s been dead three times in the last two weeks. The battery company says it’s the dealership. The dealership says it’s the battery company. I’d say it’s time to start riding my bike again and, perhaps, consider becoming Amish. ■

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