What’s your plan? (12/13/2017)

Scott Arens | for the Pioneer Review

I am fascinated by the current situation of higher education, specifically the cost! How is one supposed to afford this? The norm seems to be a roll of the dice with your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) and finance by taking out loans. What about Retirement? Taking out loans is conflicting with/to saving for one’s later years.

I like what Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs fame) stands for. Along others, he is an advocate of education. He has spoken out against college as the only path to higher education, the indebtedness of following such a plan, and the skills gap [http://mikerowe.com/2017/07/ otw-istakenstanceonimportanceofcollegeed/]. Mr. Rowe writes that borrowing vast sums of money to get an expensive degree doesn’t always lead to good paying jobs. And I say it doesn’t make sense. Being in debt should scare us, especially when our jobs do not pay enough to service the debt. Loans need to be our last resort in the plan for higher ed.
Our children need our help. We need to have a plan that creates opportunities in their future. One that does not lead to excessive debt. As printed last week, college isn’t always the answer right out of high school and it may not be right at all. Learning a trade is a good option. Also, repeating myself, it just might be necessary to broaden life experiences before taking the road to higher education. But, junior colleges shouldn’t be overlooked. The 2-year schools provide opportunities such as an Associate Degree as well as Certification programs. Getting the skills necessary to be paid well without incurring excessive debt is a good option with the JCs.

I put together plans that get students admitted to the best college of their choice without having parents go broke. Look for my contribution to the Pioneer Review in the future. If you have questions, comments, and/or input contact me at Scott@ArensCP.com.■

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