Gas Prices Dropping Just in Time For Holiday Travel Season

According to AAA survey, more than one-third of Californians are planning to travel to end 2017

Californians will end 2017 with another busy travel holiday, and they’re getting some much-needed relief at the pump as an early Christmas present.

According to a survey commissioned by AAA this month, more than one-third of Californians are planning to travel between Dec. 23 and Jan. 1, with most planning to drive to their destination.

The survey results:
■ More than one-third (34%) of Californians say they will travel between Saturday, Dec. 23, and Monday, Jan. 1.
■ Three-quarters (77%) of respondents said they will travel within the state of California, with the remainder traveling out of state.
■ Of those traveling, 82% will drive to their destination, 16% are flying, and 2% will take public transportation.
■ One-quarter (27%) of respondents planned to travel solo, 43% will travel with one other person, and 30% planned to travel with family or friends.
■ More than 80% of respondents say they will visit family, with about 11% of respondents saying they are planning to spend time outdoors (skiing, camping).

“The holiday season is all about spending time with family and friends. For those who aren’t traveling this season, many will be hosting guests — including Santa Claus, of course,” said Mike Blasky, a spokesman for AAA Northern California.

The good news: Gas prices have dropped an average of 12 cents across the state since November. That’s due to several factors, including decreased travel demand after the busiest Thanksgiving in a decade. More gas stations are also selling the cheaper winter blend of gasoline, which is less refined and cheaper to produce. ■

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