RedHawks soccer round-up

Colusa v. hamilton city

The Colusa Boys varsity soccer team hosted HamiHamiltony in a league match last Thursday, and came away with a hard earned 3-3 tie. 

The RedHawks opened up the scoring at the 25th minute on a shot from Senior forward Leo Guzman, assisted by forward Alejandro Rico. 

Hamilton would boot in the equalizer at the 30th minute, and the 1-1 score held to the intermission. 

Colusa would be awarded a penalty kick and score the go ahead goal on a shot taken by midfielder Ulises Galvan. Colusa would extend the lead on a shot taken again by Guzman, to go up 3-1, this time assisted by midfielder Edgar Garcia. 

Hamilton would be fouled by a Colusa defender in the penalty area, and were awarded a penalty kick, which the Braves put in, to bring the score to 3-2, in the RedHawks favor. 

The game time would be extended for some unknown reason and the extra time was enough for Hamilton City to put in the tying goal with no time remaining. Colusa had strong defensive play from Victor Hernandez, Saul Velez, Darien Sarabia, Jesus Hernandez and Nicolas Lopez. Colusa Keeper Diego Avila had a good game posting 7 saves. 

Colusa v. Esparto

Last Thursday, the Colusa Boys varsity soccer team hosted Esparto in a league match and came away with a tough earned 1-1 tie. 

Field conditions, once again, were troublesome for both squads as the recent rains made going tough in muddy conditions. 

The RedHawks had to make a quick recovery from their battle against Hamilton City the night before, and Esparto seemed to be just another tough opponent for Colusa. Esparto would score their lone goal at the 34th minute of the first half, on a shot just out of reach of the RedHawk keeper. Colusa would have most of the possession throughout the first half, and make many runs into the Spartans goal area, but their shots were just off the mark. 

The 1-0 score held to the half. Colusa kept up the offensive pressure, and would boot in the tying goal at the 74th minute, off the foot of Senior forward Leo Guzman, assisted by midfielder Rodrigo Rodriguez. The 1-1 score held to the final whistle. 

The RedHawks had strong defensive play from Victor Hernandez, Jesus Hernandez, Saul Velez and Darian Sarabia.  Also playing well were midfielders Ulises Galvan, Edgar Garcia and Dominic Garcia. Both of the RedHawk Goalkeepers had good outings with Diego Avila having 2 saves in the first half, and Omar Huerta having 2 saves in the second half. 

Colusa now stood at 3-2-3 in league play and are 4-2-3 overall. 

Colusa v. Durham

The Colusa Boys Varsity soccer team traveled to Durham on Monday for a Sacramento Valley League match and came away with a 6-0 win. 

The Redhawks found their first goal going in on a great shot from 25 yards out taken by midfielder Rodrigo Rodriguez, unassisted. Next up for the Redhawks was senior forward Leo Guzman scoring off a Saul Velez assist at the 35th minute mark. To close out the first half, Senior midfielder Cesar Dominguez would find the back of the Durham net, off an assist from Rodrigo Rodriguez, to go up 3-0 at the intermission.

Ten minutes into the second half, Colusa scored their 4th goal, this time from forward Victor Hernandez, assisted by Alejandro Rico. 

The 59th minute had Rico scoring his own goal, with yet another assist from Rodriguez. 

The RedHawks 6th and final goal went in at the 63rd minute again off the foot of Victor Hernandez, unassisted. 

The 6-0 score held to the final whistle. 

Colusa had strong defensive play from Fullbacks Saul Velez, Jesus Hernandez, Darien Sarabia and Nicolas Lopez. Also playing well was midfielder Edgar Garcia. Goalkeepers Diego Avila and Omar Huerta had good outings, with Avila having 2 saves in the first half, and Huerta with 2 saves in the second. Colusa now stands at 4-2-3 in league play and are 5-2-3 overall. 

The RedHawks will host Williams Tuesday and then travel to Hamilton City on Thursday, both are Sacramento Valley League match-ups. ■

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