News Back Then

News Back Then: September 5, 2014

Williams Farmer 9/24/37 CITY HALL BONDS SOLD TO F. SCHUCKMAN Frank Schuckman of Williams was the successful bidder for the City Hall Bonds which were sold by the city Council last Monday evening. It will be remembered that Schuckman was the successful bidder for the water and sewer improvement bonds which were sold by the […]

News Back Then: August 22, 2014

News Back Then: August 22, 2014

Williams Farmer 1931 Luther Hoy, Williams Pioneer Found Dead Colusan who fought with General Lee Luther Hoy, 88 for 55 years a resident of the Williams district in Colusa County, one of the few remaining veterans of the confederate Army of the Civil War days was found dead in his bed this morning by members […]

News Back Then: August 14, 2014

Williams Farmer • 9/30/1927 Williams plays in grass valley sunday Manager J. L. Nissen of the Legion Football Team announced that a bus will be waiting at Millers Pool Hall Sunday morning for the football players and it will leave at nine o’clock for Grass Valley with the squad. An attempt to secure private machines the […]

News Back Then: August 8, 2014

News Back Then: August 8, 2014

Williams Farmer 9/30/1905 He Changed his mind Some weeks ago we announced in these columns that F.J. Schuckman, of the Mountain House, had decided to raze his hotel at Keswick, known as the Riverside, and move it to Venado. One day last week he was accompanied to Keswick by Contractor Cox and a crew of […]

News Back Then: July 18, 2014

Williams Farmer 2/22/1924 WILLIAMS ON EVE OF BIG STEP FORWARD Williams, the town of great possibilities, is on the eve of a big step forward. It is in the air, you feel it everywhere. Williams is about to snap out of her long nightmare and advance to the front with great strides. The two factions […]

The News Back Then: Williams Elementary School

The News Back Then: Williams Elementary School

The old Williams Elementary School is spoken of fondly by everyone who attended there. Located where the elementary school is now it was a prime example of architecture, for its time. Built in the 1930’s , it had the charm and grandeur that no new school can hold a candle to today. It is the […]

News Back Then
January 10, 2014

News Back Then <br> January 10, 2014

Colusa Daily Times • 12/22/1933  SKILLED CRACKSMEN BLAST VAULT IN WILLIAMS WAREHOUSE, GET $40.00, ESCAPE   For the second time in six months experienced cracksmen mysteriously entered the big warehouse of Farmers Warehouse Company, near the Southern Pacific Depot in Williams and of which C. L. Schaad is manager, sometime last night and blasted their way […]

The News Back Then (December 6th, 2013)

Williams Farmer • 12/07/1928H. H. RATHBUN STORE PURCHASED BY R. H. ELZEY A deal consummated this week by which R. H. Elzey of Colusa became the owner of the H. H. Rathbun store in Williams. H. H. Rathbun retains the express office which will be maintained in the building until the new express company arranges […]

News Back Then – July 17, 2013

News Back Then – July 17, 2013

Williams Farmer • August 16, 1935SITES STONE MAY BE USED IN BAY BRIDGE  The little town of Sites, west of Maxwell, which in years gone by, was a lively and prosperous community, may again take on life due to the possibility of the stone quarry being again put into operation. Representatives of the McGinvary Construction […]

The News Back Then
March 8, 2013

Williams Farmer •  3/4/1905WILLIAMS LOCALS The trustees of Williams have caused thirty one orange trees and a number of olive trees to be planted on school grounds. The black walnut trees have been grafted with French walnuts. These improvements are in keeping with the times and the trustees should be commended for their action. Williams […]

News Back Then – December 28, 2012

This week in our history • 12/30/ 1955 • Contributed by the Inside ObserverSEVERAL THOUSAND FLEE FLOOD AREA WILLIAMS WELCOMES 900 VICTIMS And Then The Rains Came!! After several years of sub-normal rainfall, the Northern Sacramento Valley received more than its share of water from the sky. When we ask for a “drink of water” […]

News Back Then – September 14, 2012

WILLIAMS NEWS FROM 1877 January 13: Nothing has transpired in our little town since our last, except the burning of W. M. Nickerson’s Restaurant last week. He was insured in the California Farmers Mutual for fifteen hundred dollars.  Business for insurance agents has been quite active this week, owing, no doubt, to the fear of […]

News Back Then – August 17, 2012

News Back Then – August 17, 2012

Williams Farmer8/22/1924225 TONS OF PRUNES WILL BE SHIPPED FROM  MILLS ORCHARD Mills Orchard is shipping some 225 tons of prunes from their Maxwell orchard this season.  Although lemons are the main product grown at the orchard,  about 90 acres are planted to prunes, and this year’s crop is now being prepared for market.  A representative […]

News Back Then: “Williams Arch”

By: Pat Ash WPR Historian   The History of the Williams Pioneer Arch and the Why we celebrate Pioneer Day Williams Farmer 2/2/1917: The blue prints for the proposed Arch over E street at 6th, and to be erected in honor of the pioneer fathers by the sons and daughters, is here and in the […]

News Back Then – February 24, 2012

Williams Farmer 2/19/1941 ORDER YOUR TREES NOW FOR PLANTING The Williams Chamber of Commerce will continue with the tree planting work, as in the past, and according to present plans, 100 trees will be planted this spring.  Last year a hundred and fifty trees were planted and it is reported that of this lot, only […]

News Back Then – February 10, 2012

Williams Farmer 2/11/1905   TRUSTEE INGRIM SHOT-TROUBLE IN THE BEAR VALLEY SCHOOL DISTRICT There has been trouble brewing in the Bear Valley school district for weeks. The section is sparsely settled and the school attendance is not more than a dozen scholars on an average.  One of the largest scholars is Miss Pearl Cruse who […]

News Back Then – January 11, 2012

1/9/1906-WATCH NIGHT PARTY Did you ever hear of a picnic on the 7th of January?  Well, the directors of the Williams Oil Company enjoyed a most pleasant outing on that date and the scene of the festivities was a sunny knoll on Sand Creek.  Five of the seven directors were present, as follows:  H. C. […]

News Back Then – September 23

MAXWELL PHOENIX Volume 1 – Number 1- 8/31/1893 MAXWELL A Brief Write Up of the Town   An Enterprising Community-One of the Most Prosperous Little Villages in Northern California-Good Schools, Good Churches and Hosts of Good Citizens. Early in the fall of 1877 three travelers drew rein in front of a little saloon, kept by […]

News Back Then – September 2, 2011

NEWS BACK THEN This feature is contributed by: Pat Ash of Williams California | Information is acquired through the Colusa County Branch Library Williams Farmer 3/2/1956 CLYDE ENDEMAN PURCHASES WAREHOUSE The large brick warehouse south of the Southern Pacfic Depot, built by the late “Bill” Williams, founder of the city which bears his name, was […]

News Back Then (August 19, 2011)

News Back Then (August 19, 2011)

NEWS BACK THEN This feature is contributed by: Pat Ash of Williams California information is acquired through the Colusa County Branch Library Williams Farmer • 7/28/1900 A GREAT INDUSTRY     The bottling and shipping of Bartlett Springs water has become a great industry.  Last year, when five persons were employed during the entire season in […]