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Williams Basketball Week 8 Report

Fouch & Sons Redskins 73 ,Vann Bros. Young Gunz 49
The Fouch Redskins were initially surprised by the Vann Bros. Young Gunz as the Gunz opened with a series of five 3 pointers building a 19-14 lead.  However, their great outside shooting did not sustain itself against the more experienced Redskins.  The Redskins righted themselves and caught and past the Y-Gunz late in the first half.  Then the Redskins continued right on through the second half outscoring the Y-Gunz 28-21 to settle with a 24 point victory.  David Bassett of the Redskins and Paco Hernandez of the Y-Gunz both had 21 points to lead all scorers.  Of note, Raul Cervantes of the Y-Gunz hit 6 three point shots.

Swat 54  ,  Alsco-Geyer Bulls 45
Swat started slow against the Alsoc-Geyer Bulls getting themselves into a 5 point deficit in the early going.  Then both teams went back and forth, changing the lead 5 times before halftime, with the Bulls taking a 22-21 lead.  The game continued alternating with 4 more lead changes before Swat took a hold of the game with an 8-0 run early in the second half to be followed by a 9-0 run later in the half.  These runs secured a double digit lead and the game.  With the win, Swat stayed tied for second with the Fouch Redskins.  David Tapia of Swat led all scorers with 22 points.  Ivan Rodriguez led the Alsco-Geyer Bulls with 14.

La Fortuna 41, H&R Block Savages 34      
In a very close and low scoring contest La Fortuna and the H&R Block Savages game went to the final minutes for some last minute drama.  With 6 lead changes in the first half with the largest lead being 7 points, La Fortuna hit a 3 pointer to tighten the game at 21-17 right before half.  With five more lead changes the game swung back and forth with neither team mounting any momentum.   With a little more than 5 minutes to go and La Fortuna down by 4 points, a quick inside 2 pointer followed by back to back three pointers by Hugo Pineda suddenly swung the game’s momentum to La Fortuna, and a slim 4 point lead at 38-34.  After a series of tense and frustrating possessions by both team netted no points and no lead change.  With less than 2 minutes to go Andrew Dyett scored an inside basket and freethrow putting La Fortuna up by 7, the final margin.  The win put La Fortuna in a tie with H&R for fourth place. Hugo Pineda of La Fortuna led all scorers with 15 points, all from behind the three-point line, and TJ Ellison led the Savages with 11.

CalFoods Hooisers 78  , M&K Harvesting Fuzz 51
This game was dominated by the first place CalFoods Hoosiers from beginning to end.  The Hoosiers came out firing hitting 4 three pointers with a 14-0 start.  The Hoosiers then went off on a 24-6 run to put the game results out of doubt.  The half time score was 51-31 and the rest of the game became academic.  The Fuzz did put a a brief 13-6 run in the second half, however the outcome was certain by that point.  The Hoosiers were led by Ruben Durantes with 19 points and the Fuzz’s M Bradwell had 8 points.

Standings after week 8 games, played 18 September
Cal-Foods Hoosiers                   8-0
Swat                                           6-2
Fouch & Sons Redskins           6-2
H&R Block Savages                 4-4
La Fortuna                                 4-4
Alsco-Geyer Bulls                     3-5
M&K Harvesting Fuzz               1-7
Vann Bros Y-Gunz                    0-8
Week 9
Colusa High School
25 Sept 2011

4pm – La Fortuna (4-4)  :   Cal-Foods Hoosiers (8-0)
5pm – H&R Block Savages (4-4)  :  Vann Bros Young Gunz (0-8)
6pm – M&K Harvesting Fuzz  (1-7)  :   Swat   (6-2)
7pm – Fouch & Sons Redskins (6-2) : Alsco-Geyer Bulls (3-5)

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