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Williams Basketball Week 7 Report

H&R Block Savages 57, M&K Harvesting Fuzz 47

The Fuzz stayed in this match against the H&R Block Savages with their improved play and shooting. H&R took off to a big early lead in the game going up by 16 points in the first half and keeping a 10 point lead at the break. But the Fuzz put together a couple of runs of 16-7 and 8-7 to pull them within 6 points with about 8 minutes to play. But an H&R made a run of 16-6 toward the game’s conclusion leaving no doubt as to the game result. Gerardo Parra and Mike Rolen led the Savages with 14 points and J Contreras led the Fuzz with 28 points.

Fouch & Sons Redskins 55 , La Fortuna 38

La Fortuna started out the game with a 5-0 lead only to see the Fouch & Sons Redskins run off 13-4 streak to take the lead. They built their lead to 7 but only had a 2 point lead at the half. La Fortuna took the lead back in the second half with about 12 minutes to go at 24-23. But a shooting drought for La Fortuna, getting only 7 points while the Redskins ran off 25, put them in a deficit they could not overcome. David Bassett led the Redskins with 16 points and Beto Guevara led La Fortuna with 11.

CalFoods Hooisers 48, Swat 42

In the anticipated game of the weekend the top two teams of the summer squared off, with Swat looking to climb back into first and give the California Foods Hoosiers their first defeat. The game started with Swat taking a 11-4 lead, but the Hoosiers responded with a slow but concerted effort to take a 2 point half time lead of 21-19. At the start of the second half Hoosiers went into a 10 – 0 run and took a 31-19 lead. Swat called a time out and righted matters by running off 10 points to only 1 for the Hoosiers and closing to within 4 points. Then the Hoosiers countered with an 8-2 run to go up 10. However Swat ran off 7 unanswered points making it a 3 point game with just under 2 minutes to go. Hoosiers bled out the clock and made some critical freethrows to end the game up 48-42. An interesting game comparison was how each team scored – Swat made more three pointers than field goals (8 to 7) and the Hoosiers made only 3 three pointers and15 field goals. David Tapia of Swat led all scorers with 16 points and Margo Lievanos led the Hoosiers with 11.

Alsco-Geyer Bulls 40, Vann Bros. Young Gunz 38

In a pairing of two of the newest teams in the league the Alsco-Geyer Bulls and Vann Bros. Young Gunz kept matters in contention for most of the game. The Vann Bros. went up 10-5 to set the early pace when the Bulls starting finding their range and their shooting touch. The Bulls pulled ahead 28-22 at the half on small 15-8 run. The bulk of the second half bounced between a 4 and 10 point margin for the Bulls as the Y Gunz stayed in the game with some long range shooting. The last couple of minutes found the Bulls getting 7 points to the Gunz 2 securing the win. F Hernandez of the Young Gunz led all scorers with 17 points and R. Godinez led the Bulls with 15 points.

Standings after week 7 games, played 11 September

Cal-Foods Hoosiers 7-0
Swat 5-2
Fouch & Sons Redskins 5-2
H&R Block Savages 4-3
La Fortuna 3-4
Alsco-Geyer Bulls 3-4
M&K Harvesting Fuzz 1-6
Vann Bros Y-Gunz 0-7


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