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Williams Basketball Week 5 Report

Alsco-Geyer Bulls def M&K Harvesting Fuzz, forfeit

H&R Block Savage 38 ,  Swat  31
The H&R Block Savages matched up against the undefeated Swat this past Sunday in what was an eye opening game for the league.  H&R Block had just come off 2 unexpected losses and was facing an extended losing streak.  However, H&R came out shooting well and stopped the characteristic up-tempo game played by Swat.  Additionally, Swat was off their usual aim behind the three point arc.  H&R built up a  7 point lead at the half and extended it to 10 beginning the second half.  Swat did make a charge and kept the game in suspense toward the end, riding a 10- 3 run to cut the lead to 2 points leading into the final minutes.   But H&R tightened up their defense and outscored Swat to take a 7 point victory and giving Swat its first loss of the season.  TJ Ellison lead H&R Block with 18 points and David Tapia and E Ramos led Swat with 7.

La Fortuna 46, Vann Bros. Young Gunz 42
 La Fortuna’s combination of strong inside play the three point shooting threat kept the Van Bros. at bay for the first half.  With a couple of runs of 8-0 and 12-4 La Fortuna built a respectable lead of about 10 points.  At the beginning of the second half La Fortuna went up by 12 and held it for several minutes.  However, Young Gunz were not going away easy.  They gave the Fortuna a scare with a late 13-3 run closing to within 2 points with just over a minute to play.   With some tense but deliberate play in the final minute, La Fortuna was able to hold the lead and the win.   Arturo Valdez led La Fortuna with 12 pints and  Raul Cervantes and F Fernandez led the Young Gunz with 13 points.

CalFoods Hooisers 58,  Fouch & Sons Redskins 42
The first place California Foods Hoosiers are a tough match up for any team and the Fouch & Sons Redskins came to the game Sunday without two of their better players; and they were in for a  test.    While the Redskins were able to stay in touch with the Hoosiers in the first half with a slower game, they went into halftime down 11.  And the second half loomed.  The fast paced and balanced CalFoods went into high gear and  opened up a 22 point lead half way through the second period.   The Hoosiers than dropped it down a gear to cruise to a 16 points win.  Owen Manor of the Redskins led all scorers with 16 points and the Hoosiers were led by Andy Corona with 13 points.

Standings after week 5 games, played 28 August
Cal-Foods Hoosiers                   5-0
Swat                                          4-1
Fouch & Sons Redskins           3-2
H&R Block Savages                 3-2
La Fortuna                                2-3
Alsco-Geyer Bulls                     2-3
M&K Harvesting Fuzz               1-4
Vann Bros Y-Gunz                    0-5

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