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Williams Basketball Week 4 Report

Fouch & Sons Redskins 47, H&R Block Savages 46
In the most exciting game of the season the Fouch & Son Redskins and H&R Block Savages played a game that see sawed back and forth and came down to a dramatic finish.  After a balanced start both teams went in a series of ebb and flow that had H&R running up double digit leads only to have the Redskins bring the score back to level.  Half way through the first twenty minutes H&R went on a 11-2 run to go up by 10 points, followed by a Redskins 8-0 run making the score almost level.  Then H&R went on an 12-3 run to bring the margin to 11 points, only to have the Redskins go on an 8-0 run and then followed by a 11-4 run to go up 43-39 and set up the dramatic finish.  With about 20 seconds to go Gerold Parra made a layup to bring H&R within one at 46-45.  After an H&R tactical foul and free throw to put the Redskins up 2, H&R went for the win with a three point attempt at the buzzer by Charlie Jorge.  The shot did not convert however the Redskins made an almost fatal error by fouling Jorge on his attempt putting him on the free throw line with no time on the clock.  With zeros on the clock,  the game could be won or tied or lost with no one on the court save the shooter and the referees.    After converting the second of the first two free throws and, with the crowd brought to a hush, attempted the third shot.  The Redskins escaped with a one point win.   The Redskins were led by David Bassett with 14 points and the H&R Block was led by Gerold Parra with 12.

M&K Harvesting Fuzz 47, Vann Bros. Young Gunz 39
In a battle of the new teams, the Vann Bros. Young Gunz and M&K Harvesting Fuzz staged an even battle for the first half with both side exchanging leads and the Fuzz taking a 27-21 lead at the half.  The second half saw the Fuzz run the margin up to 14 points by the strong inside play of J Contreras and hold on to take the first with for either team.    J Contreras led all scorers with 19 points and Raul Cervantes led the Young Gunz with 16 points.

CalFoods Hooisers 44, Alsco-Geyer Bulls 28
In a match between two local Arbuckle teams, the first place California Foods Hoosiers had a surprise in the first half from the upstart Alsco-Geyer Bulls. ¬†The Bulls were not going to play like a rookie team and tied the Hoosiers just before the half at 20. ¬†However, the second half saw the ‚Äėclassic‚Äô Hoosier style basketball with a fast open court game including a 11-1 run giving the Hoosiers a double digit lead they did not relinquish. ¬†¬†The Hoosiers were led in points by Sal Durantes with 10 points, and the Bulls‚Äô I. Robriguez had 7 points.

Swat 58, La Fortuna 40
La Fortuna and Swat matched up last Sunday and through the bulk of the first half the game looked to be a battle with La Fortuna ahead by 2.  However, Swat found their open court game and when on an 11-0 run followed by a 7-2 run putting them ahead by 12 at the half.  La Fortuna, who live and die by the long range shot, were not on their usual three-ball accuracy, hitting only 5 three pointers.  However, it did keep them on the fringe of the game going into the last minutes making a 17-9 run knocking a 20 point lead down to a marginable 12 points.  Swat was lead by Gurdip Singh with 15 points and La Fortuna were led by Hugo Pineda and Devon Carr both with 11 points.

Standings after week 4 games, played 21 August
Cal-Foods Hoosiers                   4-0
Swat                                          4-0
Fouch & Sons Redskins           3-1
H&R Block Savages                 2-2
Alsco-Geyer Bulls                     1-3
La Fortuna                                1-3
M&K Harvesting Fuzz               1-3
Vann Bros Y-Gunz                    0-4

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