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Williams Basketball Week 3

CalFoods Hooisers 75,Vann Bros. Young Gunz 20
The Young Gunz are just that, young, and are learning the league and got a major lesson from the reigning champs last Sunday.  CalFoods Hoosiers , the defending league champions, went about their game in a business like manner going up 12-0 to start the game in the first several minutes and the Y Gunz had more than they could handle.  The Hoosier led at the half by 24 points and thence continued their basketball talent show.  The second half continued in the same manner with the Hoosiers cruising to a 75-20 final.   The Hoosiers balanced scoring was led by Alfredo Velasquez with 12 points, with Sal Dorantes and Martin Corona with 11.  Juan Carlos Cervantes led the Young Gunz with 8.

Alsco-Geyer Bulls 40  H&R Block Savages 42,
The new and upstart Alsco-Geyer Bulls pulled off the upset of the summer season so far knocking off the H&R Block Savages in a tense and dramatic game.  Alsco-Geyer led a see saw battle that had 8 lead changes and no team leading by more than 4 points for almost the entire game.   H&R took the game down to the end making it a tie game with about three minutes left.  But Johnny Godinez got 6 consecutive points within the last minute  that gave the Savage an unexpected loss.  Johnny Godinez led Alsco-Geyer with 12 points and TJ Ellison scored 21 for the Savages.

La Fortuna 53,  M&K Harvesting Fuzz 27
La Fortuna  went about working their systematic outside and inside game against M& K Harvesting Fuzz running off to a ten point lead in the first half.  The Fuzz made a short run to tighten the game down abit. But then La Fortuna hit some patented three pointers and a lot of inside second chance points to put the game out of reach going up 29 points at one point.  Devon Carr led La Fortuna with 14 points and the Fuzz were topped by Keith Swift with 8 points.

Swat 67, Fouch & Sons Redskins  42
In a surprising game the usually evenly matched teams Swat and Fouch & Sons Redskins resulted in a one sided game.   The Redskins got themselves into an early hole 0-8 and then suffered another Swat run resulting in a deficit of 6-22.  However, the Redskins did put together a run of 10-0 to bring themselves within 6 points   Swat went into their outside shooting mode and dropped 4 three pointers within the opening five minutes of the second half breaking opening the game.  They then worked that margin to a final margin of 25 points.  Swat got over half their points behind the three point line, hitting 12 total three pointers.  The victory put Swat in a first place tie with Cal-Foods Hoosiers.  Diego Vega led Swat with 15 points and David Basset led the Reskins with 12.

Standings after week 3 games, played 14 August
Cal-Foods Hoosiers                   3-0
Swat                                          3-0
Fouch & Sons Redskins           2-1
H&R Block Savages                 2-1
Alsco-Geyer Bulls                     1-2
La Fortuna                                1-2
M&K Harvesting Fuzz               0-3
Vann Bros Y-Gunz                    0-3
week 3 results
CalFoods Hooisers 75,Vann Bros. Young Gunz 20
Alsco-Geyer Bulls 40  H&R Block Savages 42,
La Fortuna 53,  M&K Harvesting Fuzz 27
Swat 67, Fouch & Sons Redskins  42

week 4  matches       Williams  HS, 21 Aug 2011
4pm     Fouch & Sons Redskins (2-1)   :   H&R Block Savages (2-1)

5           M&K Harvesting Fuzz  (0-3)    :   Vann Bros Young Gunz (0-3)

6           Alsco-Geyer Bulls (1-2)         :      Cal-Foods Hoosiers (3-0)

7             Swat   (3-0)                     :       La Fortuna (1-2)

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