Thursday, June 24, 2021


My Little Mayberry – Essays of Colusa

My Little Mayberry – Essays of Colusa
By DeniseDenton-Rinzler

 Home, Home – out of Range?

Everyone knows banks have foreclosed on a zabillion homes.  The very tax-paying citizens who bailed out those banks in 2008 find themselves on the streets today.  Sadder?   These banks are giving away homes or bulldozing them into the dirt.  Result?  They get big fat tax breaks.

This behavior is encouraged by the likes of Warren Bruffet who was quoted by The Washington Post as suggesting “blow em up!”.  The CS Monitor headline read “Banks Bulldoze homes Despite Millions Being Homeless”.  Detroit Mayor Dave Bing plans to raze complete neighborhoods.  Well, in Detroit, granted, that might really improve things.

One of our local Colusa bank managers had the best plan of all.  Why don’t the banks work with people to help them hold on to their homes in the first place?  What a concept!  Helping your community.  Helping your fellow humans!

If the biggie banks are willing to donate or destroy your home, couldn’t they consider “donating” time, patience and reachable payments?  Consider it their duty as partial payment on the Bailout.  Turn-about-fair-PAY.

Google your bank, find out if they’re bulldozing houses.  If yes, I’d really think about switching out your Evil Empire Voldemort Banking Corporation to something less soul-sucking.   Where seldom is heard, a discouraging word…

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