Thursday, May 13, 2021



Empty (Gorillia) Nest Syndrom

My Little Mayberry
Essays of Colusa
By Denise Denton-Rinzler

Empty (Gorillia) Nest Syndrom

Both kids are launched now. The emptiness of the house. Unnatural quiet. Like Sunday after a big, crazy Saturday night party. Had a wonderful time. Sure, there were embarrassing moments. A few fights broke out. Overall? Great party.

Or compare child rearing to a terrific race. The 18 year marathon that seems only 18 seconds long. A long, hard slog requiring every bit of love, strength, intellect and creativity we had. My husband and I passing the baton back and forth , crossing the finish line together with a mighty surge of hope.

Perhaps a take on Adam’s rib. Only it’s your entire rib cage and heart removed to create two new and wondrous creatures. The scars are there but you don’t care. You’d give more if you could.

People ask me how it feels to have “empty nest syndrome”. But I do not feel bird-like. Gorillas build nests too. They keep their children a long time. Gorilla Nest Syndrome might suit me better. No snide remarks from the peanut gallery, thank you. The daily routine of the Gorilla is enviable:

6 – 8 Wake up, 8- 10 Eat, 10-2 Eat, play, relax, sleep (all that relaxing make you sleepy I guess), 2-5 Travel, forage, 5-6 Build nest, 6 – 6 Sleep…

Pity. Don’t think we’ll be able to follow this schedule any time soon. Something to look forward to when we become more civilized and mature. Meanwhile, we’ll remember who we were and discover who we’ve become. We’ll rejoice in our children’s adventures and start some new ones of our own. Banana, anyone?

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