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News of the Weird – September 23

Shopper arrested with live lobsters in shorts
A man in southern Mississippi is accused of trying to walk out of a D’Iberville grocery store without paying for food items he’d stuffed into his cargo shorts including two live lobsters.

Bats invade Transylvania classroom
There was no sign of Dracula, but students in Transylvania did get a visit from dozens of bats that flapped through their classroom.

Alaska woman punches bear in snout to save dog
A Juneau, Alaska, woman says she knows it was stupid to punch a black bear in the snout to save her dog. But Brooke Collins says the attack happened so fast that all she could think about is keeping her dachshund, Fudge, from being killed.

Golfer mistaken for clown charged with DWI
A man whose colorful golf attire was briefly mistaken for a clown outfit has been charged in New York with driving a golf cart while drunk.

Woman bites off mans face.
“I am a vampire, I am going to eat you,” was the last thing Josephine Smith allegedly said before she viciously assaulted a homeless senior citizen sleeping on the porch of a vacant Hooters, according to Florida police. Smith, 22, attacked 69-year-old Milton Ellis early Thursday morning, biting chunks of flesh from the victim’s face, lips, and arms. The man barely escaped. Smith told authorities that she had no recollection of the attack and could not explain why she was naked and covered in blood. Maybe she was mistaken, she wasn’t a vampire she was a werewolf.

2 accused of running up tab on corpse’s ATM card
Two men accused of driving around with a dead friend, using his ATM card and visiting a strip club are charged with abusing a corpse, identity theft and criminal impersonation. They are not charged in his death.

Dutch woman calls ex-boyfriend 65,000 times
Dutch prosecutors are charging a 42-year-old woman with stalking after she allegedly called her ex-boyfriend 65,000 times in the past year.

Charges for woman who ran Chihuahua by car
A dog-sitter’s shortcut led to criminal charges for a Colorado woman who ran a Chihuahua alongside her car at 10 to 15 mph.

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