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Soroptimist Host Yard Sale to Benefit Kenya Student

Staff Report

On February 25th and 26th, the Soroptimist from Colusa County will be holding a huge yard sale that will benefit more than just the organization. A young Kenya girl Jelimo Rona, a bright 8th grader living in a rural Kenya town will begin a new journey towards a brighter education.

“I am crying for an education, poverty is strangling me!” sobbed Jelimo Rona as she passed the certificate of Primary Education with flying colors and was offered a place at a very good Secondary School – at great expense. Rona’s mother sold their only cow in hopes to raise enough money to pay her fees, but this did not. As her abusive father believed this 14 year old girl was “ripe for marriage”, the Soroptimist Organization came forward and paid her school fees for the next 4 years giving her a high school education at a boarding school and the chance to get her family out of poverty and avoid an early marriage.

The Soroptimist organization is asking for your help to raise funds towards scholarships for young girls like Jelimo to attend Secondary Schools in Kenya. Make sure this weekend you stop by at 124 Carson St, in Colusa from 8am to 4pm. There will be lots of goodies as a Soroptimist is moving to Kenya within the next month and will have lots of household items, tools, nick-knacks etc for sale so along with other Soroptimist from Colusa County will be participating.

This huge sale will be at 124 Carson St, Colusa  from 8 am to 4 pm Sat Feb 25 & Sun Feb 26  All proceeds will go towards scholarships for girls in Kenya. ■

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