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Colusa County Breaks Ground on Education Village

Kay Spurgeon along with Colusa County and present and past Board of Education members toss the first shovels full of soil to launch the construction of the Colusa County Education Village in Williams. . (Submitted Photo)

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The Colusa County Office of Education hosted a traditional groundbreaking ceremony for its Education Village at the corner of E and Margurite streets in Williams on February 14.

“This is a day for which we have been waiting a long time,” said Colusa County Superintendent of Schools Kay Spurgeon.

The project has been more than 10 years in planning. Phase one of the $11.5 million project is expected to begin in March.

Colusa County Supervisor Mark Marshall (District 3) stated that the ceremony on Tuesday was the culmination of many years of hard work by the Office of Education Board of trustees, Spurgeon and her staff.

He shared a quote by Mary Kay Ash; “Ideas are a dime a dozen, people who implement them are priceless.” He commented that the quote is especially true of this project. “There have been many hands that took an idea and saw the value that this facility, this village, would have in making Colusa County a better place to live and a great place to learn,” he said.

“It is my hope and desire that this education village will embrace the concept that it takes a village to raise a child,” said Marshall. “All of us should help every child pass through these doors of higher learning and someday have a vision, an idea, that makes them succeed and become priceless in their own rite.”

The new facility will include seven classrooms for special education, alternative education, adult transition and preschool services.

“It will allow special needs students, who now must go outside the county, to attend school locally, and will include a therapy room and gardens designed to assist in all the special education programs,” Spurgeon said.

The project is funded through state bonds, $3.4 million of which went for 11 acres purchased from V & R Land Corporation.

Depending on future funding, it is possible that the entire Colusa County Office of Education will be relocated, and the education center itself expanded.■


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