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Williams Men’s Basketball League Week 3 Summary – 02.26.2012

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The games for the third week of the Williams Basketball Winter season were held at Colusa High on 26 February. In the first game, two of the newest and winless teams, squared off against each other Swag and the Wolves. Swag opening with a lot of long range shooting and went up 36-16 at the half and did not stop there. Well into the second half Swag found themselves up by 35 at 60-25 and eased into a win.

In a rematch of last seasons playoff upset, SWAT sought and succeeded to return a favor to the Bulls. After briefly leading in the first half, the Bulls were overtaken by SWAT after a 12-2 run leading to a halftime margin of 20-13. The Bulls rallied back to narrow the gap to 3 points early in the second half but could not overtake the opposition. SWAT late in the second half connected on back to back threes and a couple of field goals to go up by 14 and secure the 42-31 victory.

The Savages returned back to their tough defensive form and surprised the Hoosiers with a rare loss and took their first loss of the season. Starting the game off on a 15-3 run, Savages wrenched a 21-10 halftime lead onto the Hoosiers, a surprisingly low amount of points for the Hoosiers. The Hoosiers made a concerted effort in the second half to close the gap to 5, but the Savages’ combination of defense and a 14-5 run were the decisive factors, knocking the Hoosiers out of a first place tie and winning the game 43-31.

The Redskins matched up with the Regulators in the 6 pm game and promptly took off to a 10-0 run to open the game. Being a potent offense both inside and from the perimeter, the Redskins continued get many baskets before the Regulators finally found an offensive rhythm in the second half. The second half was a little more evenly played with the Regulators getting almost triple their first half points, but the early damage was too much to overtake the Redskins. The win 54-34 put the Reskins in a 5 way tie for third place.

In a matchup of two first place teams, the Aces and La Fortuna played a sloppy first half and, with an uncharacteristic lack of offense La Fortuna found themselves down 21-10 at the half. La Fortuna continued to struggle from the floor in the second half falling behind by 21 mid way through the half. A 14-6 run by La Fortuna brought them to within 13 and some hope with about 7 minutes to play. However the Aces dropped in a couple of threes toward the end to take the win at 51-43 and become the only remained undefeated team in a ten team league.■



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