Wednesday, May 12, 2021



WHS Alumni Basketball Tournament a Success

Submitted to the WPR

Williams High School had their 1st Annual Alumni Basketball Games last week. Thursday night saw 8 Women’s Alumni players going head to head against the Girl’s Varsity Team, complete with a family of 3 sisters playing against each other. The Alums are now out for revenge because they lost by only 2 points, mainly due to a very biased alumni referee who pleasurably made calls in favor of the Girl’s Varsity Team. Also on Thursday night, the action was more serious with the 2011 Men vs. the current Boy’s Varsity Team. All of the men donned NBA jerseys, so it looked like a rainbow team against the Brown & Gold. The alums won by 6 points after playing a very close game.

On Friday night, 15 men walked out on the court from the 70’s and 80’s. Since there were mostly men from the even numbered graduating years, the guys divided up the teams and the game began. It was surprisingly close and all played to have a good time, which was the theme of the evening. The spectators of the next game saw many successful 3 point shots as the men from the 1990’s and 2000’s played in the Brown & Gold jerseys. They were very impressive to watch and the audience knew those 18 players had not sat idle for long since graduating from WHS. The surprise entertainment of the evening were 7, 8th grade boys who bravely dressed up as cheerleaders and performed routines including the wave, a pyramid, and a starburst on the floor. They promise to be back next year with New and Improved Performances.■


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