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United Methodist Honor Treasurer

United Methodist Honor Treasurer Lilly Ditaranto. (Submitted Photo)

Submitted to the WPR

Lily Ditaranto has recently retired after being treasurer of the Arbuckle United Methodist Church for thirteen years. The congregation will have an opportunity to thank Lily for her many years of service on Sunday, April 1, 2012, when she is being honored following worship.

Lily was born in Arbuckle but moved to Illinois and later to Massachusetts with her husband until returning to this area in 1984. Not only did Lily write checks and keep the general ledger of business for the church, she was involved in providing necessary forms which the County and the State required. Lily has been asked to remain on the church board as chairperson of the finance committee because she is such a valuable member. Also, the church choir benefits from her beautiful soprano voice each Sunday.

One of Lily’s hobbies is painting beautiful oil pictures of floral and landscapes. Some of her pictures are on display in the social hall of the church and often she shares her works in art shows which feature local artists. She loves to garden and has two active dogs who are always ready to go for a walk.


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