Thursday, May 13, 2021



Williams Basketball Week 8 & 9

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The last of the regular season is upon the  league and many questions are still up in the air.  Only 2 of the ten teams have been eliminated and the rest of the eight teams are either in the playoffs or have a chance to get in the top six spots.  The Hoosiers, the past two seasons champions, are at the extreme end of their opportunities,  needing help from the Regulator and La Fortuna in order to get into the playoffs.  Swag and La Fortuna, are facing a showdown game.  Whoever wins their game gets into the playoffs, the loser is out of the playoffs.  The balance of the games will determine the playoff seedings.  The playoffs start on Sunday the 15th of April with the first round and the second round is the 22nd of April.  Both of the first two rounds are at Williams High School.

The Championships Sunday, including the third place game and the championship game are at the Colusa Casino gym on Sunday the 29th of April starting at 5 p.m.
changed their characters.   The Hoosiers  looked like the Hoosiers of the past year and the Wolves were unable to buy a basket.   The Hoosiers went off for an 18-2 run including a spell of 10 unanswered points that included several turnovers by the Wolves and many open layups.  This put the Hoosiers up 22 points with just over 5 minutes to play.  The Wolves could not match their intensity of the first half and ended with a 64-37 loss to the Hoosiers.  The Hoosiers can still make the playoffs however they help from a couple of teams in others games.  ■

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