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Are you registered to vote?

The June 5, 2012 Presidential Primary Election is rapidly approaching. Voters will have an opportunity to select candidates for the November General Election for United States Senator, Congressional Representative and Assembly Member. There are two State Propositions on the ballot. Proposition 28 would reduce the total amount of time a person may serve in the state legislature from 14 years to 12 years and allows 12 years service in one house. Proposition 29 would impose an additional $1.00 per pack tax on cigarettes and an equivalent tax increase on other tobacco-related products. Revenues would fund cancer research and tobacco-related diseases.

If you live in Supervisorial Districts II, III, or IV you will also be voting for your County Supervisor. Supervisorial District II has three candidates. Curtis Boewer and Tom Reische are running against incumbent, Tom Indrieri. District II covers part of the City of Colusa and part of the unincorporated area and Grimes.

In District III, which includes part of the City of Williams and the unincorporated area, Angela Plachek-Fulcher is running against incumbent Mark Marshall.

District IV is the largest geographically and covers part of the City of Williams, unincorporated areas, Maxwell, Stonyford, Sites and Lodoga. In this district, Kenneth Cohen is running against incumbent Gary J. Evans.

If you aren’t sure which district you live in you can go the County Website Homepage under ”Government” Election Information and click on Election Data Lookup. You can also find district maps at

So, are you registered to vote? Not sure? You can check your status on the County Website Homepage. If you are not registered, you have until May 21 to do so, but don’t wait. Procrastinating on this simple task can delay receipt of your voting information, such as where you go to vote on Election Day and information about voting by mail.

You can pick up voter registration forms at the Post Office or City Hall. For questions or additional information, call the County Elections Office at 458-0500.


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