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Hunter Brings ‘Movie Magic’ to Colusa County Students

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Award winning writer/director Norm Hunter, CEO of Summertime Films, Inc. was instrumental in bringing professional stuntman and stunt coordinator Rocky Capella, and make-up artist Nicole Chielli to visit Colusa County students.

Hunter, who will film the movie ‘COLUSA’ in Colusa County later this year, was also a presenter.

Chielli and Hunter provided insights into film making and make-up artistry to Williams High School art students.

Capella joined Hunter for a presentation on being a movie stuntman, and stunt coordinator for students at Colusa High School.

The presentations were arranged by Hunter for the two-day “From Dreams to Reality” projects hosted at County schools by the Colusa Film Commission.

Hunter, Capella and Chielli all agreed that the presentations went very well, and were impressed with the interest they received by the students.

“We had a great time,” said Chielli who designs a lot of ‘alien and monster’ masks.

She said the Williams students were very excited about her art. “We even took a class picture with me wearing the alien mask,” she said.  Chinelli said she would be happy to do other presentations as Hunter needs.

Capella shared exciting and sometimes humorous stories about his work in the film industry. He has been a stuntman or stunt coordinator for many television and film projects as well as commercials.  Most recently, he was stunt coordinator for the movie ‘The Help’.

The students at Colusa were very enthusiastic about his craft, and getting to meet Capella. They had a lot of questions about ‘how to get into the industry’ both in writing screen plays and in stunts.

Capella is scheduled to appear in “Colusa” as well.

Hunter said it was his pleasure to share moviemaking with the students, and that he was pleased that he could bring talented people like Capella and Chielli here as well.

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