Tuesday, June 15, 2021



Colusa County Supervisors Honored

Submitted to the Williams Pioneer Review |

In the photo (Left to Right) Supervisor Tom Indrieri, Cristy Edwards, Supervisor Mark Marshall and Supervisor Chairman Gary Evans. (Submitted Photo)

Cristy Edwards, owner of Louis Cairo’s in Williams hosted guests at a public

appreciation night for the Colusa County Supervisors on Monday evening.

“As constituents we do not pause often enough to thank our leaders for their wisdom, work or guidance,” she said.

She said she wanted to publically recognize the board because of its

exceptional leadership and its fiscal responsibility.

She noted that it is hard to be accountable and and not kick the can down the road for popularity.

Once a county employee herself, she recalled a time of prior administrations when

layoffs and furloughs and were not uncommon for county workers.

“That is no longer the circumstance under our board,” she added.

“As citizens, we have seen the effects of public officials on a larger level be so irresponsible with their spending, that we are in a State and National disaster because of it.”

“Due to this board’s prudence however, we are one of the few counties in the state without layoffs or furloughs in tough economic times.  In addition this board has brought balanced industry to our county with the PG&E Power Plant and Central Valley Gas Storage that has complimented our agricultural heritage without compromising it,” she added.

“It has also brought in millions of dollars of desperately needed revenue.  This team has shown its dedication and competence at every level and I am honored to publically thank them for all their efforts in representing us so well.”

Edwards believes that if we on local levels continue individually to become accountable and show such good examples, hopefully it will move upward into the rest of our elected officials as well.

Supervisor Chairman Gary Evans, supervisors Mark Marshall, Tom Indrieri and Kim Vann attended the reception. Supervisor Denise Carter was unable to attend.


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