Thursday, June 24, 2021


Sea Lion Splash Coming to Colusa County Fair

Meet Stella: This beautiful sea lion came joined the family as a rescue. She was found on the shore of Puerto Rico on June 20, 2006 weighing on 50 pounds. She was nursed back to health and arrived at our home base in South Florida in late March 2007. She is now a happy 250 pound healthy girl. She has beat the odds and is now a star performer at the Sea Lion Splash Show in Valdosta Georgia and select fairs throughout the country. (Submitted Photo)

The Squalus Inc.   Sea Lion Splash show will be a featured attraction at the Colusa County Fair June 7-10.

Squalus Inc. was established when Marco and Kathi Peters began adopting and providing a permanent home for beached sea lions who were unable to return to the wild due to age or injuries.

Because many of these injuries were the direct effect of human carelessness, the couple decided to educate the public on the plight of these incredible marine mammals and how we, as humans need to coexist.  That is when they took their show on the road.

The show now entertains thousands all over North America each year.

As the only traveling sea lion show in the United States, Squalus Inc. ensures that the sea lions have more square footage of water per animal than most sea lions have in public zoos.

Each 30-minute show is geared around educating the audience on the habits and nature of the sea lion and brings out the inherent comic behavior of these animals: catching and retrieving objects, balancing, handstands, dancing, singing and interaction with the audience.

In addition to the scheduled shows, fair goers will have opportunity to enjoy the sea lions in their natural environment provided by a 7,000 gallon tank and adjacent pool. The sea lions can be seen swimming underwater, and frolicking together as a family at all times.

The show is free with fair entry.■

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