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Pierce High Senior Accepted to Antioch

By: Cassandra Gonzalez
Student Reporter

Trinica Sampson, a seventeen-year old Pierce High School senior, was recently accepted to Antioch Liberal Arts College with a full-ride scholarship. She is one of the few students who were lucky enough to be accepted to the newly reformed college in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

Trinica has lived in the small town of Dunnigan for thirteen years, with her mother and three brothers. When her family was informed of her acceptance, her mother cried and her brothers played her Eye of the Tiger, by Survivor, over the phone. Her mother was ecstatic about the opportunity for her daughter to receive the liberal arts education she had always dreamed of. “We all thought she would have to go to Sacramento State University,” her mother admitted. “I am going to miss having her close by, but I know that this is a dream come true, both for her and for me.”

Antioch College was originally founded in 1852 by Horace Mann. It was previously part of Antioch University, but it split off from the main school in 2008 due to increasingly drastic financial troubles.  It was recently reopened in 2011 after a large group of alumni made generous donations in order to keep their beloved alma mater alive. Their donations made it possible for administrators to graciously award full tuition grants to every one of the seventy-five students who were granted admission. It is the goal of the alumni to increase the number of enrolled students to 300 by 2015. Antioch College began admitting students in October of 2011; as of now, there are 105 students currently in attendance. The college is only accepting seventy-five students for the first graduating class of 2016, and Ms. Sampson was talented enough to be accepted out of 3,200 applicants.

Trinica has phenomenal work ethic and remarkable test scores, earning her a 2060 on the SAT and advanced scores in State Testing each year. She has maintained a 4.0 grade point average throughout her high school career. She is ranked third in her senior class and has participated in a myriad of extracurricular activities, including competing in Future Business Leaders of America for four years, performing with the concert band for seven years, cofounding the first Pierce High School Book Club, and serving as the Secretary of the Associated Student Body her junior year. She has also been involved in drama for the past three years and has undertaken the responsibility of being the first student director that Pierce High School has ever seen. These skills will aid her future at Antioch College, as she plans on becoming an editor or publisher with an English Major and concentration in Literature and Creative Writing, along with a minor in French and Theater.

Ms. Sampson’s favorite pastimes include reading and writing, and she excels at both. She quoted one of her favorite novelists, John Green, in her personal statement, and she believes that it was this factor that gave her a spot at Antioch College. “I don’t think I would have gotten in if it weren’t for John Green,” she laughs. Despite her modesty, she is obviously an incredible writer, as is evident by her being accepted into the Creative Writing department of the California State Summer School for the Arts in the summer of 2011. “I have been writing for as long as I can remember,” she tells us. “Hopefully, I have improved in my craft since my early days of following my cats around the house and making up stories about them.” After living in a small town for the majority of her life, she has cultivated a strong urge to travel. “I have always dreamed of seeing more of the world and expanding my sources of writing inspiration,” Ms. Sampson explains after being asked what she wanted to do with her life after high school. “I may be doing my required work-study in France, which would be an absolutely amazing experience.”

Trinica Sampson is a bright, young student who is an academic high-achiever and whose hard work and perseverance will be sure to help her through her next steps in life and to a higher education. Her education at Antioch College will no doubt lead her to great heights.












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