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Colusa County wins Silver Ribbon at 2012 California State Fair

Colusa County Exhibit Booth at the California State Fair, 2012. (Submitted Photo)

Colusa County wins a Silver ribbon at the 2012 California State Fair for their exhibit featuring the Mendocino National Forest. The exhibit depicts camping at Letts Lake with a tent, campfire and a mural of Letts Lake in the background along with 3 very large trees on a mountain.

The exhibit also features an animated dirt bike rider, hiker, Christmas tree cutter, photographer, horseback rider and a cow roaming the mountains. The valley floor features a couple fishing on the Sacramento River and a hunter taking aim at a duck.

All top 10 agricultural crops are also highlighted.

The Counties Exhibit has been a longstanding fan favorite and continues to draw crowds of fairgoers every year who support their favorite county.  

Fairgoers have an opportunity to vote in the People’s Choice Award, which will be announced on closing day, July 29.

It takes a village to build the Colusa County State Fair exhibit. We would like to thank the Colusa County Board of Supervisors for additional funding and their support.  The following people were involved: Ralph Minto; builder, Patti Turner; designer, Ben Felt; animation, David Ruef, Gerry Hernandez, Tommy Indreri; Supervisor, Denise Carter; Supervisor, Tamara Schmidt; Mendocino National Forest, Craig Schaap, Kay Spurgeon, Sue Graue; Sue Graue photography, Jim Lemos, Peggy Scroggins, Sankey Auto, Joe Candido, Jim Eakins, Kirk Kelleher, Joyce Bond, Kathy Manor, Donna Kraus, Catherine Bernard, Barbara Donnelly, Cynthia White, Jim White, Bernice Dommer, Andy Ferrendelli; A&L BBQ, Leslie Ferrendelli, Yolando Tirado, Ann Nordyke, Pixie Rennick, Anita Stuck, John Stuck, Davis Machine Shop, Leslie Pingrey, Angelika Terry, Lloyd Green, James Nair, Luis Barrera, Lynda Reynolds, Laurie McKey, Devon McKey, Doug Turner,  LeAnne Price, Sherry Minto, Drex Minto, Alex Evans, Benden Farms, DePue Warehouse, Williams Hardware, Selover Paint and Body Shop, Vans Bicycle, Safe Haven Drop-in Center, Benden Farms crew, Mendocino National Forest Hotshot crew, everyone who staffed the exhibit during the fair and anyone I have forgotten to mention, THANK YOU! ■

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