Wednesday, May 12, 2021



2012 Home Economics Tour

Submitted Photo – Photo Identifiers were not included with press release.

On Friday, July 20th the 2011-12 Home Ec Tour Award Winners and Martha Vann Award Winners toured Chico for a private tour of Chico Museum, lunch at the Upper Crust Restaurant, visit to Bird in Hand, National Yo-Yo Museum and ice cream at Shuberts.

Martha Vann Winners – Automatically qualify for Tour; Jilliann Wilson, sewing; Garrett Grimmer, foods.
Home Ec Tour Winners: Arts & Crafts – Cody Pearson; Cake Decorating – Hannah Azevedo; Clothing & Textiles – Jilliann Wilson; Foods – Cody Murphy; Photography – Hollie Azevedo, Hannah Azevedo, Cody Murphy; Scrapbooking – Hannah Azevedo, Hollie Azevedo; Quilting – Audrey Pearson; Taxidermy – Maureen LaGrande; Jewelry – Maureen LaGrande; Connor Murphy – special guest with parentβ– 

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