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LaMafa Resigned saves taxpayers at least $2 Mil.

Republican State Senator Doug LaMalfa announced on August 31, 2012 that he will resign from the State Senate, effective upon the adjournment of session that day, in order to allow the special primary election to fill his seat to be consolidated with the November General Election, saving taxpayers at least $2 million. 

LaMalfa, a family farmer, is a candidate for Congress in the 1st district, where longtime Rep. Wally Herger is serving his final term. He called serving the north state in the State Senate a “tremendous honor” and one that prepared him for representing the area in Congress.

“With the 2012 session now over, most of the State Senate’s business for the year is done. I’ve thrown my hat over the fence and am taking nothing for granted in my campaign for Congress, but I do not feel it would be right to wait until the end of the year to resign from the Senate. Resigning now gives the Governor the ability to consolidate elections, saving local counties and taxpayers at least $2 million,” said LaMalfa, who will be giving up his salary and benefits early. 

“I met with the Governor and he told me he will move quickly to consolidate the elections. I have also been assured by the Senate President Pro Tem that our district offices will remain open and fully functioning in the interim, so that our constituents will continue to have a place to go to receive assistance with state issues,” said LaMalfa. 

LaMalfa is midway through his term in the old 4th Senate District. The special election will fill the remaining two years of LaMalfa’s term. If a candidate receives over 50% in the special primary, there is no run-off and that candidate will become the next State Senator. 

“Resigning now will ensure that the North State is not left without a representative when the legislature reconvenes in January,” LaMalfa said. “It is the best decision I can make to protect the taxpayers and ensure the North State has a voice in the Senate.”■

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