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Local Teacher & Author Instills Values in an Exciting and Colorful Book

spider-who-chewed-bubblegum-chaz-franklin-paperback-cover-artEndearing and delightful, The Spider Who Chewed Bubblegum is a captivating children’s book which will definitely work its way into readers’ hearts. Written by brilliant and artistic author Chaz Franklin, this enticing work creatively illustrates the inquisitive and curious traits of a brave spider named Aranea and her loyal friend named Pelegrina.

In this fun book, children will meet a determined spider who begins to discover her edacious appetite for human food. Despite being warned by her friend, Aranea’s desire for the pieces of bubblegum resting on top of a table continued to peak. Hence, the audacious spider then figured out a risky plan in order to get to these luscious gums. She boldly ventured out into the open, not minding the two children playing nearby. Upon being seen by one of these children, Aranea began running for her dear life. Her perilous path was not at all easy and smooth for there were so many obstacles that blocked her way. Nonetheless, these didn’t thwart her. In fact, these barriers only elevated her longings.

Not wanting to eat another fly for a meal, Aranea was motivated to get a hold of these sumptuous-looking sweets. And when she finally did, she discovers a life-long lesson she will never forget. Readers will be thrilled to find out what she realized after chasing her desires. Filled with profound messages and values about friendship, ambition and chasing one’s cravings, this colorful read will definitely inculcate life-long lessons that both children and adults can learn from.

Chaz Franklin is a high school biology teacher at Pierce High School in Arbuckle, California. He is also an entomologist. The book´s creation came from a question his son Charlie asked him one day when they were out walking in the forest.

When Franklin is not teaching he is an avid camper who enjoys fishing with his family and being a full-time dad to his two children. This is his second book. His first one is titled, “Oh Look Not Again, Your Shoe is Untied” it’s about a unique creature called Fnergle, a creature that unties shoes.

The book, The Spider Who Chewed Bubblegum * by Chaz Franklin, can be purchased on Available in Paperbak and on the Kindle.

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