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Shop N Save Gets New Owners

One of Shop n Saves, newest owners Yassen Ali, pictured with the new vegetable display counter. (Staff Photo)

Staff Report | Lloyd Green Jr.

Shop-n-save market in Williams goes from eyesore to gem as new owners take over and make much needed improvements.

For years, the supermarket located at 427 7th Street has seen a severe decline in quality. The drab lighting, prices and product maintenance made the supermarket a last resort to grocery needs.

“I used to only come in here when I was out of something and couldn’t make it to another Supermarket” commented a shopper as she and her young child grocery shopped, “now I look forward to shopping here, just to see what has changed.”

From Avenal, California, Sam Garwan and Yassen Ali took ownership of the supermarket in October 2011; over a period of several weeks expired inventory was removed from shelves –and dusted, new equipment was installed, light bulbs were replaced, and the store was re-organized in shopper friendly way.

“We hope to have a greater selection for shoppers,” said Yassen Ali, “we want to carry something for everyone.”

The stores appearance not only improved, employees are professionally dressed and courteous to shoppers.

“The employees are noticeably more friendly,” said council member Pat Ash, “the store is clean, smells nice and it seems like they are trying to bring back the home-style supermarket.”

“I am liking the changes,” said Robert Nation a longtime employee, “this was a longtime coming and I think people will like the new store.”

Another added benefit to shoppers is special pricing on select items, a feature that hasn’t been seen in decades.

“I love the new produce section,” said Dianna Azevedo, “the produce is fresh and is in neat little baskets making it look very inviting.”

“Williams is a nice small town,” said Ali, “our goal is to provide a great service and to keep shoppers local.

Citizens of Williams make a note, before you travel 10 to 30 minutes to a supermarket outside of town, stop in at Shop-n-Save and check out some of the great fresh produce, expanded selection of products, and great service. You might find your new favorite local supermarket.

“I invite everyone to come and see the store,” said Ash, “I hope the community will help show their approval of the new changes by supporting the new store and its owners. Williams welcomes Sam and Yassen!”

Shop-n-Save is open, seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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