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Former Williams Mayor to Run for Supervisor

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Staff Report | Lloyd Green Jr.

Beginning a new journey, Angela Plachek-Fulcher, trades the gavel as the City of Williams Mayor for an opportunity of becoming District 3 Supervisor.

Fulcher had begun an expedition into local politics in 2006, after a concern of the current management, and the issues that were jeopardizing the community’s way of life.

“If I wanted changes to be made, I would have to be the one to make them happen.” Said Fulcher.

The Williams City Council began to clean house in 2008 after discovering that the city was not running efficiently, nor was it benefiting its citizens.

“Questions were being asked and discoveries were being made.” Said Fulcher, “We were learning that the City wasn’t being lead as well as it could be.”

The current City Manager and Finance Officer were replaced with qualified staff members whom had knowledge and experience in handling city operations.

“It was frightening at the time, the current finance officer did not know how much money the city had.” Said Fulcher. “I then knew something had to be done.”

After learning the cities financial confusion, the council hired a forensic accountant who worked several hundred hours organizing the cities financial records. The council then ordered a citywide-spending freeze to help make the process easier in creating a well-rounded budget.

“I wanted to be sure money wasn’t being spent without knowing if we had it to spend, or not.” Said Fulcher, “I don’t blame individuals for the cities operational problems, often it was the wrong person put in the wrong situation.”

In addition to financial issues, the city was faced with the huge burden of its wastewater treatment plant, which was out of compliance since 2004.

“The City received notice of incompliance; however action was not being taken.” Said Fulcher, “we started receiving thousands of dollars in fines after the city failed to bring the plant up to compliance.”

The council approached the Water Resource Board for support and after a visit to ‘oz’ the city was granted to receive support in the form of a low interest loan, which a portion of that loan was later forgiven and the fines were removed.

“Once we were granted the funding we immediately began work on the project.” Said Fulcher, “We only had a few months to complete the project. So we had to work quick.”

During Fulcher’s term as mayor, a longtime running project the Cities Town Square Park, located at 7th and E Street, was finally completed.

“The property had been an eye sore for many years,” said Fulcher, “Although the project was started several years ago, the project couldn’t get moving.”

The projects delay was caused from environmental concerns of the land from a previous gas station that resided on the property. “Once we were given the green light, we proceeded and completed the project” said Fulcher.

Town Square has become a main focus of town, a place for travelers and locals to retreat and enjoy a snapshot of small town life.

Fulcher was noted as one of the few council members who visited the Public Works and City Police Department and talked with its employees.

“I would stop at a work site and talk with the workers and get to know them.” Said Fulcher, “I felt that its important to get to know your employees.”

In the last months of her term, Fulcher oversaw the completion of the Safe Routes to School project, which provided lighted crosswalks at the intersection of 8th and E Street, and the intersection of 11th, and E Street. She is currently working on a long-term project with the Pacific Gas and Electric Company to relocate above ground wiring underground in the older parts of town. Lastly, is currently working obtaining funding from the County to help fix the deteriorating streets within the city.

In addition, during Fulcher’s term as mayor, the City of Williams began having a balanced budget in over 6 six years since 2009, plus the first clean financial audit.

The City of Williams continues to keep and maintain a balanced budget.

With Fulcher’s term as Williams Mayor comes to an end Fulcher commented that she would not step back from the projects that have moved into motion. “I will keep tabs on everything and make sure I still have an input.”

“I may have made decisions that people do not like or that I may have liked, but I have made the best decisions for the city.” Said Fulcher, “any time I made a decision that impacted the city, it effects all of us and tough decisions must be made.”

Trading in her gavel, Fulcher filed official paperwork to run for District 3 Supervisor.

“I believe our community is at a cross roads,” said Fulcher, “we need to promote economic development and I want to be involved in keeping our community growing in the right direction.”

Fulcher hopes to attract industry to Colusa County with a focus on Williams. As the Center of Colusa County, Williams is noted to provide easy access to Interstate 5 and Highway 20.

“It’s important to promote growth while preserving our way of life,” said Fulcher, “I hope attract industry and businesses to help create jobs without impacting current businesses. Yet increase our tax revenue to keep our counties and cities financially secure.”

Fulcher commented that choosing the right growth, that produces the maximum output, is difficult and hopes that her current experience promotes a positive impact to the citizens and businesses.

“We have had several favorable large companies who were interested in developing in the area, but due to limited access they all moved on.” Said Fulcher.

Fulcher is currently working with Caltrans, and the current board of supervisors on gaining access to Highway 20 through Marguerite St. This will provide access to Highway 20 and Interstate 5, which is favorable to large companies and industry that wish to develop on surrounding properties.

As Fulcher begins her campaign she hopes to uncover opportunities for economic expansion in our communities for its potential impact.

“I really care about the community, and its future.” said Fulcher. “This is my hometown.”

Fulcher is campaigning for District 3 Supervisor along with current District 3 Supervisor Mark Marshall, a three-term incumbent. Williams Citizen, Rick Gobel also took out candidacy papers for District 3 supervisor.

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