Wednesday, June 23, 2021


Charlie Schaupp Formally Announces for the 3rd Congressional District


4th Generation Farmer, Desert Storm and Iraq War Veteran, Former Yolo County GOP Chairman, and Former Yolo County Taxpayers Association Director will challenge for the newly formed 3rd congressional district.

Charlie Schaupp of Esparto has formally announced his intentions and candidacy to be the Republican nominee for California’s newly drawn 3rd Congressional District.   As a retired U.S. Marine Lieutenant Colonel and member of a family that has farmed in the District since the 1880’s, Charlie’s background, experience, knowledge and dedication to our nation will be a great fit for the new 3rd Congressional District. “I am a Reagan Republican and believe in the principles of limited government and self reliance that made our nation great” said Schaupp, “I am pro-life, pro 2nd Amendment and believe that local governments, not the huge fiscally irresponsible bureaucracies of the federal government are best suited to solve our problems”.

“I believe that we should ‘Restore Congress’ which means we must restore ethics, honesty, fiscal responsibility, common sense, personal accountability, trust, and restore the values and principles of our Constitution.” Schaupp stated

Charlie’s family settled in the Hungry Hollow area of Yolo County over 130 years ago and his family still farms 3000 acres of various crops north of Esparto.  “For 5 generations, my family has worked to protect our community’s way of life and our agricultural heritage.  I also fought to protect our Nation’s defense for 28 years in the U.S. Marine Reserve. I am not finished serving my country,” said Schaupp.  Charlie is a combat veteran of Operation Desert Storm in 1991 and the Battle of Fallujah, Iraq, in 2004.

The new 3rd Congressional District lies in the heart of California. From orchards and farm lands starting at Orland in the north to the military bases of Fairfield in the south or Marysville/Yuba City in the east, it is a district filled with hard working Americans operating farms, business, and enterprises.

In between his Marine deployments, Schaupp served in his community.  He has served as Chairman of the Yolo County Republican Party. He served as a Director of the Yolo County Taxpayers Association.  He also was elected twice as a Trustee of the Esparto School District and though his leadership as board president Esparto was able to build its’ first new school in over 30 year, the Esparto Middle School.

Schaupp was also recently selected and endorsed as one of 11 military veteran candidates for Congress by AIVC PAC (Afghanistan and Iraq Veterans for Congress Political Action Committee).   AIVC PAC was successfully able to get 10 new congressmen elected in 2010 and has the same hope for Charlie Schaupp in 2012. ■

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