Thursday, June 24, 2021


My Little Mayberry – “Leap Year”

By: Denise Denton-Rinzler

Another Leap Year. Some scientists are proposing the Hanke-Henry Permanent Calendar be instituted worldwide in 2017. Sabbaths, your birthday and holidays would always fall on the same day of the year, every year. How about some other leaps of change?

1) Jury Duty Volunteer Sign-ups. Computers record data for every voter. Why can’t we let the jury commission know what’s convenient for us? Examples: Teachers = summer hours. Farmers = post harvest times. College Students = breaks. Every business type has its crazy and quieter times. Bet there’d be more cheerful, willing folks on the panels.

2) Imagine not having the stress of Thanksgiving and December back to back. Who needs two big, time and money intensive events so close together during the worst travel time of the year? Choose a new date or combine Thanksgiving with the 4th of July. The Pilgrims celebrated Thanksgiving for three days. Fits nicely with the 4th. We could celebrate our Thankfulness, Families, Country, Freedom, and snow free travel with summer produce and tanning oil instead of Under Armour.

3) An Election Channel where any citizen can run for office, posting their platform, campaign promises, and debates for free. No Super Pacs (sorry Colbert). No lobbyists. Ditch the Electoral College. No buying public offices. Now, that would be a great leap, any year!



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