Thursday, June 24, 2021


From the desk of the publisher: Growing our publication

Dear Readers,

I would like to thank you for reading the Williams Pioneer Review, and I hope you will continue to read and contribute to your community newspaper.

The reason I am writing this letter is because we are reaching out to our valued readers in an effort to help your community newspaper obtain its goal of achieving subscribers to the publication.

Now you may be wondering, why am I being asked to subscribe to a FREE paper? The Williams Pioneer Review is in its fifth year of publication and from the beginning it has been a FREE paper. However, over the past several months, due to the economy, our advertising revenue has dropped severely and has been increasingly difficult to obtain new advertisers. As much as we love and thank our continued advertisers, the rising costs in printing and overall production has put a financial burden on the paper and is threatening its stability.

Starting in late August, early September the Williams Pioneer Review will begin charging for its publication, the fee undertermined at this time but will be below current market rates.

We are asking our valued readers to start subscribing now and begin receiving the benefits our publication has to offer; meanwhile helping me to continue producing your community newspaper.

I want to make a promise to our readers that altough we are facing some difficult times, the Williams Pioneer Review will always be here. I hope you can put your trust in me to grow this publication, into our Hometown Newspaper, bringing back the sense of pride in our communities.

By moving to a paid business model, a world of opportunities will open up for the publication. The publication will be able to expand its news coverage within the community, expand our staff (from myself and the occasional writer or community volunteer), and produce a more polished professional publication. Your contribution will help your community newspaper expand and grow into the news publication that you and your community deserve.

The Williams Pioneer Review is relentlessly local; I was born here in Colusa County and grew up in Arbuckle. I am now a resident of Williams, where I shop, live, eat and work. This county means a lot to me, just as it does to you. I hope that I will gain the support of the community and believe in my mission to become the news publication that you can trust, depend, and rely on.

I am asking for your support, and in return I can continue to produce your community newspaper. Lastly, you are not just getting a newspaper subscription I added a list of benefits to your subscription; please visit our website or give me a call for detials.

If you have any questions or would like to contribute in other ways, please contact me at: (530) 924-0225.


Lloyd Green Jr.
Williams Pioneer Review
Owner, Editor, Publisher



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