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News Back Then – January 11, 2012


Did you ever hear of a picnic on the 7th of January?¬† Well, the directors of the Williams Oil Company enjoyed a most pleasant outing on that date and the scene of the festivities was a sunny knoll on Sand Creek.¬† Five of the seven directors were present, as follows:¬† H. C. Stovall, J. W. Brim, A. Schaad, G. A. Ware and Ira Fouch.¬† Their guests were George H. Wilcoxson,¬† president of the Stovall-Wilcoxson Company, and his nephew, George H. Wilcoxson of Colorado Springs, Colorado.¬† As there were no ladies present, the affair was an informal one, and if there was a toastmaster our informant did not know which one of the party occupied the seat of honor.¬† Each one was provided with a basket of good things, “such as mother used to make,” and the stories they told: why the girls of the seminary would have been delighted!¬† But say we are telling tales out of school, and to get down to business we will state that there was represented at that picnic several hundred thousand dollars-in fact, more than a million.¬† The directors are anxious to start another development well for oil and were conferring with Mr. Wilcoxson and Mr. Stovall for a lease from the Stovall-Wilcoxsen Co.¬† for lands on Sand Creek.¬† We were not taken into their confidence, but we firmly believe that¬† “spuddin’in” will commence long before the June Northern is due.

P. T. Wallace came down from Bear Valley Wednesday with the scalp of a coyote.  He reports three killed in the Sulphur Creek district since the law went into effect.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Shuckmen were down from Venado Wednesday.  Mr. Schuckman is enclosing the 160 acres, known as the Tom Kidd homestead, on the divide between the Sacramento and Bear Valley with a barbed wire fence.  As soon as this fence is completed, he will begin the erection of a six room cottage in Williams which will be occupied by Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Kroninger.

Fred Reister, who has Conrad Kissling’s ranch leased, brought to this office Wednesday a box of navel oranges, averaging one pound each and measuring thirteen inches in circumference.¬† They had a beautiful deep orange color and were of extra fine flavor.¬† We never saw better oranges.¬† They were grown four miles northwest of Williams and fourteen miles of the courthouse.¬† Several boxes were shipped to Conrad Kissling at the Hotel Franklin, San Francisco.


In summarizing the advancement of in the town of Williams the past year, we find that the “hub” of the county of Colusa has made wonderful progress, and the country surrounding has also kept stride with the town.

One of the big things that has been accomplished is the fact the people of the town voted bonds for a water and sewer system, which is one of the most essential steps if a town wishes to go ahead.

Work started on the sewer system this week.

While the town has experienced nothing like a boom, many new and modern residences have been built in the town in the past year.

Mrs. L. L. Jones proved her confidence in the town by adding to the business section a fine two story, fire proof building, with attractive apartments on the second floor, which were all rented before the building was completed.

It is almost assured that work will begin on a new $100,000 hotel building within the coming year, that will replace the Williams Hotel that was destroyed by fire over a year ago.

Many New Business Places in Williams

Many new business establishments have been started in Williams during the past year.  J. Z. Platt has opened an up to date candy factory and ice cream parlor in the Miller Theatre building, and is enjoying a thriving business.  He is conducting a nice clean establishment and is justly deserving of its growing popularity.

E. C. Cross has added a much needed industry to the business activities of Williams.  He is located in the Highway Garage building, and is an expert in the work of auto trimming, and is also equipped with the latest machinery for the repairing of shoes.

The Gillete Grocery has established a branch store in the room formerly occupied by the New Way Tailor shop.  The store has just been opened but is enjoying good trade.

Melvin Reister has erected a service station on the  highway in the north part of town.  He is handling Union Oil Company products and also carries a stock of tires, tube, auto accessories and a line of supplies for the tourist.

Henry A. Kron has opened an insurance and real estate business in the room in the Brim building formerly occupied by the Williams Irrigation District.

Extension of G. C. Canal a Big Stride

While the town of Williams has been on the upward march the farmers have keeping stride with them in the surrounding country.

This year the Glenn Colusa Irrigation district extended their canals and took into the district some of the best land in the state.  This will be a big asset for the Williams section.  Good crops are grown successfully here such as grapes, alfalfa, etc. without irrigation, and with water on the land, Williams will be one of the heavy fruit producing section in the state in a few years.

A Farm Center has been organized at Williams, headed by one of the leading dairymen and farmers of this community.  Mr. Davis was also instrumental in securing the extension of the Glenn Colusa Canals. ◊


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