Saturday, March 6, 2021


Behavioral Health Staff Quality Improvement Project

award photo for BH group jan 29Colusa County Behavioral Health was among 13 small California counties to offer team presentations of successful work completed in 2012.

Jack Joiner and Debbie Naylor presented on behalf of Colusa County during the final learning session with the California Institute of Mental Health’s Quality Improvement Collaborative program through Advancing Recovery Practices (ARP) on January 16 in Sacramento.

Organizational assessments were reviewed, and plans for the next 6 months were covered. Teams also looked at ongoing support from CiMH, and discussed their needs in the future.

The collaborative group addresses quality improvement practices, and is made up of county and community-based organizations’ mental health programs. ARP teams have used the Model for Improvement, which is a nationally recognized way of organizing healthcare improvement projects. This model emphasizes small scale testing of interventions, known as change ideas. Team efforts have involved collection, review, and analysis of data to determine whether the changes implemented have been helping the team achieve the goals and objectives established at the initiation of the learning collaborative. Training meetings, known as Learning Sessions, have been held on a regular basis.

Participating teams were given a plaque honoring them for their hard work and success. Colusa County Department of Behavioral Health team members included Jack Joiner, Debbie Naylor, Deana Fleming, Sue Bowen, Sally Cardenas, Tami Clark, Valerie Stirling, and Beth Muehe.

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