Wednesday, June 23, 2021


New Director Joins Colusa County Behavioral Health

WPR-032213-PR- New BH DirectorAs the new Colusa County Behavioral Health Director Terence ‘Terry’ Rooney, PhD plans to support the culture of recovery and grow it in the county to create community awareness.

He’s only been on the job for a couple of weeks, but Rooney shared that he is happy in Colusa County.

The former Deputy Director of Mental Health in Lake County, Rooney said his position here is an extension of with what he is familiar.

He said he is especially pleased with the progress he sees being made at the Department’s Safe Haven Drop-In Center.

Again, it is familiar territory for him. In lake county he was involved with a similar project; The Bridge. Originally The Bridge was called Light House and was a transitional housing project which enabled the county to bring back 70 individuals to Lake County who had been placed out of county in other facilities.

Although Rooney didn’t start out as a ‘rural’ person, he said his time in Lake County has provided his appreciation of the rural lifestyle and that he is very content to now be in Colusa County.

He is getting to know the community, his staff and the consumers. He said he is looking forward to becoming a part of the community and getting to know the residents and other county department heads.

Rooney has a healthy respect for the mental health process and said he knows that it is the behavioral health consumers’ recovery. “We; the behavioral health staff, therapists and workers are the consultants to the consumers’ recovery,” he said. “It is their recovery, not ours.”

Colusa County Supervisor Tom Indrieri is the Board liaison to the behavioral health department and said that as the board’s liaison he is excited to have someone who is as experienced and dedicated as Terry on board.

“We need a leader who can guide us through these challenging times and I believe he is the person to do it,” said Indrieri. ■


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