Thursday, June 24, 2021


Skip Banks – “Balloon Man”

Skip Banks GCFHow Does He Fit Inside That Balloon, or What Makes that Balloon Shimmy and Shake?

Skip Banks, widely known as The Balloon Man, refers to himself as “A New Vaudevillian”. Performing to a mix of classic songs and sound effects, crazy situations, with colorful props, and all combined with visual comedy – this is one Specialty act with a capital “S” that you will never see performed by anyone else. Try visiting his web site to watch his zany videos that say more than we can ever say in print.

Throughout the performance Skip and his faithful followers stop off for hilarious renditions of Cheech and Chong, Michael Jackson, William Hung, Cool Moe Dee, Chubby Checker, William Shatner and an ever-changing cast of family friendly characters.

If you are walking around the Fair and see a huge crowd, laughing and holding their sides, it’s a good bet Skip has set up shop inside his giant balloon and has morphed into one of his colorful characters.

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