Tuesday, June 22, 2021


Who Is This Man?

  • He plays basketball on a unicycle.
  • He is an origami master and editor of BARF (Bay Area Rapid Folder)
  • He has a Bachelor of Arts in Math.
  • He is fluent in Spanish and converses in Italian and French.
  • He designed an expanding sphere for possible use by NASA.
  • He dances salsa, ballroom, contra, Irish, Mexican and International Folk.
  • He sings, plays the piano, pan pipes, and hand whistles.
  • He can juggle nine balls at a time.

Jeremy Fire 1 BFUnbelievable? Jeremy the Juggler does all the above and more. You’ll find him drawing crowds around the fairgrounds as he folds flaming origami while riding his unicycle, eating fire and juggling fire lit torches. He may be 11 feet tall as he strolls around on his stilts or on his knees twisting a balloon animal for a child. He will be hard to miss – there’s always a crowd standing nearby in amazement.


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