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Dunnigan: Church to host Healing Seminar for Women

Meeting the needs of modern life can be quite strenuous for today’s women, and the Dunnigan’s Body of Jesus the Christ Church is hosting a seven day-long seminar for women asking the question “How can I stop the pain? – a healing for my damaged emotions.”

Minister LaTisha Robinson, a certified counselor and minister, will lead the non-denominational seminar during the seven days event.

Dr. Herman D. Brown Sr., the church’s director hopes that the event will give women encouragement and come together to share and discuss their problems.

“This is not a program simply for [the women] to be a spectator at,” said Dr. Brown, “It won’t work without the doing, the participating, and allowing the healing words of GOD to take hold in your heart and mind.”

Dr. Brown hopes that the event will attract women of all ages, and denominations who have come in contact with domestic abuse situations, dealing with tough times, depression and sexual abuse.

The event will host a number of guest speakers from around the State of California.

“Our guest speakers are common people,” said Dr. Brown, “they are people helping people find GOD for those who are looking for it.”

“This event is open to any women who needs help finding answers, and talking about her problems,” said Dr. Brown, “This is strictly a women only event, providing a safe and secure environment for open discussion without judgment.”

The seven day seminar involves a general presentation, small group sessions and questions and answers focusing on the following categories: “Where is God in the Pain?”, “Depression”, “Sexual Abuse”, “Domestic Violence/Abuse”, “Trials: How do we get through them?”, “Dealing with the past”, “How strong can a woman be?”.

For over 30-years, Dr. Brown has been apart of several women empowerment programs helping them receive help and provide a path to solving their problems.

The event will be held Sunday, June 2nd through Sunday, June 9th at the Dunnigan’s Body of Jesus the Christ Church, located at 3264 County Road #88B in Dunnigan, California.

The Body of Jesus the Christ Church is a newly developed church, opening its doors for worship in 2009 by Senior Pastoring Disciple, Dr. Herman D. Brown Sr.

Dr. Brown is a Vietnam veteran who discovered his path towards the ministry of GOD after experiencing a very personal event during the war.

Dr. Brown begun a life-long mission to find a place called Dunnigan; and he finally found the town he was looking for after searching Scotland, England, and Ireland.

“My wife, and mother-in-law were conversing one day and I overhead them talk of a place called Dunnigan,” said Dr. Brown, “My ears perked up and I started asking questions.”

Upon arriving in Dunnigan, Dr. Brown found his church and began the process to build his ministry.

“This church needed a lot of renovation,” said Dr. Brown, “However, it needed to be done as the community needed a viable church.”

The Dunnigan Body of Jesus the Christ Church is a non-denominational church that is open to all religious views and a multi-cultural church.

“I teach the word of God, the bible,” said Dr. Brown, “Were here to empower people with his words.”

The Church also hosts a Sunday school, in addition to several G.E.D. educational programs providing not only spiritual growth but personal growth as well.

The Dunnigan’s Body of Jesus the Christ Church, located at 3264 County Road #88B in Dunnigan, California. Q

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