Tuesday, June 22, 2021


Fender Benders Unite: Destruction Debry to return to Colusa County

The Colusa County Fair Destruction Derby on Sunday encourages drivers to put their American-made hard-top stock cars to the ultimate test. They will crash, smash, and ram each other to cartoonish crunched heaps of metal, trying to keep their own vehicle running while fans scream warnings.

Would you be willing to climb into a car with all the glass removed, the doors chained or welded shut, and have a field full of other drivers do their best to wreck your car with you in it? For the chance at winning some cash and a lot of glory, brave men and women, youngsters and seasoned veterans, will pull on their protective helmets, squeeze in through the driver’s side window, gun their engines and take aim at each other in the mud of the Colusa County Fair.

The theme of a Destruction Derby is “Destroy or be Destroyed” and the crash ’em / smash ’em event slated for the Grandstands arena on Sunday, June 9 will be no different. Drivers do their best, while driving in reverse, forward and often sideways, in a bed of mud, to smash the other cars to smithereens. The audience cheers as mud flies, wheels spin in the gooey mess, and one car after another is annihilated or the overworked and overheated engines give up in a smoky haze.

Between heats, teams madly pull out major dents that might keep a wheel from turning, weld broken parts, and tinker with barely running engines in order to make it back out to the next heat. The last car running in each heat goes on to the final championship event.

If you plan to attend the Colusa County Fair Destruction Derby, get your tickets in advance as the lines form early for this sell-out event. Tickets are $15 reserved, $10 general admission for all ages.

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