Tuesday, June 22, 2021


PG&E Introduces Improved Energy Statements

Customers spoke, and Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) listened. Starting August 2, the utility’s 6.2 million customers will receive an all-new energy statement for electric and gas services, featuring a larger type size, at-a-glance billing numbers, and new information that will help them better understand and manage their energy usage. The new monthly statement incorporates detailed suggestions provided by about 1,200 customers through focus groups and surveys.

Basic information such as the total amount due, due date, account number, and PG&E’s contact information is easier than ever to find. Graphs and charts show daily energy usage and trends in monthly bill totals, with further details on subsequent pages. And beginning next month, full-service residential electric or gas customers will be able to request their statements in Chinese or Spanish. Statements are already available in Braille and large print.

“Our new energy statement is really a credit to our customers’ thoughtful advice on how to make it work for them,” said Helen Burt, Chief Customer Officer at PG&E. “They told us what they need to know each month and suggested how we could better tell that story. The result is much more than a bill. It’s a powerful tool for helping customers take charge of their energy use and hopefully save money in the process. It’s particularly timely given the impact that hot summer weather has on customer energy usage and electric bills.”

Customers can choose to access their new energy statements online at any time through PG&E’s My Energy website at www.pge.com/myenergy. They also have the option to enroll in paperless billing, which suspends mail delivery of the statement and will let them view their billing history for up to the last 24 months. The My Energy page is also a portal giving users detailed usage data, rate comparisons, tips, and program information to help them make informed choices for managing their energy use and lowering their bills.

For more information about PG&E’s new energy statements, see www.pge.com/bill. For a video of Chief Customer Officer Burt discussing the new statements, visit http://bit.ly/16vH4e3


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