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Discover Your Place In Honey Grove

 honey grove color(1)A wave of new housing construction has begun off of William Street and Dolbow Way in Arbuckle California.

Vacaville – based Blue Mountain Air., plans to complete a 110-lot subdivision – Honey Grove – in several phases over the next 48 months. The first phase includes building of five model homes on Dolbow Way., and quickly jumping to phase two where an estimated 12 to 15 homes will be released for sale.

Christopher Warren, Vice President NorCal Region, said the site already has an infrastructure in place including roads, water, sewer, and communication connections.

Bonus Elevation AThe infrastructure was put into place when the previous developer, Tim Lewis Homes, was in the process of developing the land prior to the housing market collapse in 2007.

Blue Mountain Air, Inc. purchased the property earlier this year.

“Arbuckle provides a way of living that a family wants,” said Warren, “but it is just minutes city services in Sacramento, Solano County and the Bay Area.”

Honey Grove is built to be an inviting collection of 3 and 5-bedroom homes, built with family in mind. The development offers six different floor plans ranging from 1094 to 2,509 square feet; with several options are available with each plan.

Home prices will start from $169,990.

“Arbuckle is the perfect place to live,” said Warren, “It is for those who are looking for a rural place to live and a place with a sense of community.”

Honey Grove is being developed in the agricultural district of Arbuckle, border-lining orchards and small farms.

Local Realtor(s) Donna Phelan, and Radene Cross of Intero Pride Real Estate, pictured with Christopher Warren of Blue Mountain Air, Inc. developer of Honey Grove homes in Arbuckle, California . (Staff Photo)
Local Realtor(s) Donna Phelan, and Radene Cross of Intero Pride Real Estate, pictured with Christopher Warren of Blue Mountain Air, Inc. developer of Honey Grove homes in Arbuckle, California . (Staff Photo)

“The development includes a previously built hiking trail,” said Warren, “Once the homes are built, the neighborhood is ready for families.”

Honey Grove homes will be built with spacious backyards, fully landscaped front yards, and wide hallways and built with energy efficiency in mind.

“We build our homes beyond the expectations of typical builder,” said Warren, “Honey Grove homes are built for energy efficiency from window placement, heating and air conditioning, roofing, technological advanced plumbing, long lasting stucco siding, and more.”

“Our homes are built to be livable, comfortable and best for a growing family.” Said Warren.

The homes also include the state required fire sprinkler systems, a first for the Arbuckle Area.

“We want to meet our buyers’ expectations,” said Warren, “If a home owner wants a flat screen outlet, we will install one; or a Christmas light switch/outlet? We say no problem. We work with the customer down to the final details.”

In addition to enhanced building expectations, Honey Grove homes are also presented with a builder warranty that exceeds the buyers’ expectations.

“We don’t want our home owners to be worried about issues with their new home.” Said Warren, “If they experience a problem we are there to help.”

As the development continues through its phases, Warren commented that they are not going to build and leave, that the company intends to continue being part of the Arbuckle community for many years to come.

“We plan on being part of this community well beyond the project,” said Warren, “What that means in the long run, I am not sure, but we will be here.”

Blue Mountain, a Vacaville based General Contractor, is family owned and operated with over 35 years’ experience in construction. Using its vast knowledge and expertise, Blue Mountain build homes with optimal design, and attention to detail.

Sales for Honey Grove Development is being handled through local sales staff, Intero Pride Real Estate, in Arbuckle. A sales office is located at 6575 Dolbow Way. Office hours are currently Weekends Only, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.; Appointments are available during the week days.

For more information, visit their website at or call 1 (855) 55-Grove.

“Come discover the secret of Arbuckle,” said Warren.


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