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Williams Nursery OPEN for Business



Rudbeckia hirta, or most commonly known as the “Black-eyed Susan”, is a species of flowering plant native to the central United States; it can also be found in Williams, at the newly opened Williams Nursery.

Williams Nursery is located at the corner of Husted Road and Highway 20. The property once housed the Nissen Rice Dryer decades ago. The location is uniquely identified by the large Kittle’s Outdoor & Sport, Co. billboard sign.

Owned by Marcie Voorhees, a Williams Resident, began to embark on a dream of working in her garden all day long, so she opened Williams Nursery.

IMG_8767“I love to garden,” said Voorhees, “this is something that I have always wanted to do, and the time was right.”

After a long process, the Williams Nursery opened on Saturday, August 10th, with a successful opening.

“The response has been overwhelmingly friendly and positive,” said Voorhees, “It’s been unreal.”

The Williams Nursery features a wide range of Zone 9B compatible blooming perennials, shade trees, and a delicious selection of fruit and citrus trees.

“We have the capability to select from over 8,000 different varieties,” said Voorhees, “If you are looking for something in particular, we most likely can get it.”

Voorhees focuses on color in the garden, by providing a selection that attracts beneficial insects like pollinating bees, and butterflies, in addition to hummingbirds.

“Most individuals believe that this would be a bad time of the year to plant a garden,” said Voorhees, “but this is actually the best time.”

Fall is a great time to divide overgrown perennials, plant new, or change the look of your garden by moving plants around.

“The time is right to select and plants, trees and shrubs,” said Voorhees, “we currently have some great choices like the Evergreens, Acer Red Maple, October Glory, Arbutus marina, and the Dynamite Crape Myrtle.”

Williams Nursery also provides a nice selection of drought resistant varieties.IMG_8765

“Drought resistant, does not mean ‘don’t have to water’,” said Voorhees, “this a common misconception. After the plant has plant has become established then it can become drought resistant; however, the plants will still need care.”

Beyond plants, and trees, Voorhees has plans to include a selection of pottery, garden art, soils and gardening tools.

“We are just starting out, but we have lots of room for growth,” said Voorhees.

Williams Nursery hopes to provide locals with an avenue to feature and sell their unique homemade garden art, and other works of art.

“I would like to help support local craftsmen and artists,” said Voorhees, “We currently have birdhouses available for sale, they were crafted by Jim Edwards, ‘Chicken Jim’ of Colusa.”

Williams Nursery focuses on providing unparalleled customer service, and strives to help its customers fulfill their needs in their garden.

“Nobody leaves empty handed,” said Voorhees.

As the summer season comes to an end, Voorhees is planning on adding a vast selection of blooming plants, vegetables and herbs.

“We are very happy on the support we have been given, and we look forward to growing within the community,” said Voorhees, “we ask people to come on out, and see what we have to offer, you might be surprised!”

Williams Nursery is open Tuesday through Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and is located at 4001 Husted Road, in Williams. If you have questions or have a special project in mind, Williams Nursery can be reached at (530) 230-7359. 

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Pictured Above: Marcie Voorhees with her Husband Kirk Voorhees. Picture Below: Calibrachoa Million Bells® Crackling Fire available at the Williams Nursery.

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