Sunday, March 7, 2021


A Growing Education at Williams Elementary


Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez, Jr., takes a closer look at the parts of a sunflower. (Submitted Photo)

Transitional Kindergarten students at Williams Elementary School have been learning about locally grown crops by getting up-close and personal. For the past several weeks, watermelon, sunflowers, and corn have all been a part of the vocabulary, science, food, art, and hands-on stations in their classroom.

Students ate watermelon and counted, saved, and dried the seeds. They got to see sunflowers growing in the garden at their school, see where the seeds come from, and enjoyed shelled sunflower seeds for their snack. Measuring a stalk of corn, pulling back the husks and finding kernels, and eating popcorn concluded the unit.


Seeds from each food were used in art projects that now decorate the classroom.

Teacher Barbara Mayberry enjoys teaching the unit, even as she spends time during her days off searching the country-side for watermelons, sunflowers and corn to take into her classroom to share with her students.

This is the second year Williams Elementary has offered the Transitional Kindergarten class, which provides a preparatory year for youngsters who have birthdays in the fall months, and due to new state laws, are ineligible for regular kindergarten. Mayberry adds that, “Tracking last year’s TK students, the program appears to beneficial as the students are excelling in their kindergarten classes this year.”ÔÄľ


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