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Maxwell Pre-Teen Wins Third Pageant Crown, on to Fourth.

For many Mini Miss Colusa County Pageant winners, the crown stops at the local level; however, this is not the case for 11-year old Melissa Ramirez of Maxwell.

In June of 2012, Ramirez was crowned the 2012-2013, Mini Miss Colusa County.

Many remember Ramirez for her dance rendition to ‘Rumor has it’ by Adele.

“I really didn’t know what I was going to do for my talent,” said Ramirez, “but when I was in the car with my mom and the song came on, I knew I wanted to dance to it.”

The dance lead her to be crowned – she was bitten by the pageant bug.

“I like the experience,” said Ramirez, “I really wanted keep going and see how far I could get.”

Ramirez went on to win the 2013 Miss California HeartShine Pre-Teen Queen in Modesto on February 17th, 2013.

Following the HeartShine Competition, Ramirez went on to crowned as Miss Nevada Pre Queen, in July of 2013; through MAC Pageants.

MAC Pageants are a Miss American Coed Pageant that is age-appropriate for girls ages 2 to 29. No makeup is allowed on contestants under the age of 13.

Ramirez is now on her way to win her fourth crown at the Ms. America Pre-Teen pageant in Orlando Florida on November 25th, 2013.

“I won’t be home for thanksgiving this year,” said Ramirez, “I will miss my family but I hope to bring home another crown.”

With just a few days to go, Ramirez is still seeking sponsors to help with the overwhelming cost of the pageant.

“We are getting close to the $5,000 goal, but every bit helps,” said Ramirez’s Mother, “we’ve had some generous donations, but mostly we have done some small fundraising through bake sales.”

Ramirez was touched by the recent support from friends and neighbors.

“Abby Dunlap, Page Vieira, and Morgan Dennis had a lemonade stand one day and they decided to donate their profits to help me out,” said Ramirez, “I was touched!”

Melissa Ramirez pictured with her trophies and awards from the past three pageants. (Staff Photo)
Melissa Ramirez pictured with her trophies and awards from the past three pageants. (Staff Photo)

Ramirez was born with a murmur and low thyroid counts and has struggled throughout her life, but she wanted to be an example to kids with a disability that you can do it!

“I want to show kids that because you have a disability, it doesn’t mean you can’t follow your dreams.” She said.

Having a daughter who is active in the pageant scene takes a family effort.

Both of Ramirez’s parents work full time, and tradeoff to help with taking her daughter to the parents.”

“at the last competition, my mom couldn’t get the time off from work, so my dad went,” said Ramirez, “it was chaos, he didn’t know what to do but he did his best to help.”

The most memorable moment for Ramirez was at the Miss California HeartShine Pre-Teen Queen Pageant when her grandmother from Texas was able to attend.

Ramirez hopes to one-day become a Broadway star or find a job working for the government.

For Ramirez’s pageant future, she hopes to become Miss Universe.

“As long as she makes good grades, I will support her in any way I can,” said Ramirez’s mother.

Ramirez is the daughter of Juan and Maria Ramirez; she has an older sister Alexis, and a younger brother John.

Ramirez and her family lived in Colusa for many years, until several months ago when they located to Maxwell.

Melissa Ramirez and her family wish to extend gratitude to the following businesses: T&P Farms, Forry Ranch, AgriSource, Colusa Indian Community Council, and the many friends and family that has helped support her over the years.

If you would like to get involved with helping Ramirez out, please call her mother Maria at (916) 666-5680 or sponsorships can be mailed to Melissa Ramirez, PO Box 514, Maxwell, California 95955. 


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