Tuesday, June 22, 2021


Garofalo Receives Endorsement from County Supervisor, Kim Vann and Williams Police Chief, Jim Saso

The Joe Garofalo campaign for Colusa County Sheriff has been endorsed by Williams Police Chief Jim Saso and District 1 Supervisor Kim Vann.

The ongoing endorsements of law enforcement professionals such as Chief Saso continue to demonstrate the commitment that Garofalo has made to the safety of local residents during his career with the Colusa County Sheriff’s Department.

When asked about his endorsement, the Williams Chief of Police said, “I have known Joe and his family for years, and his career in the Sheriff’s department has been underlined by his ability to work with all law enforcement agencies in order to protect our families and our residents. Chief Saso added, “To Joe, nothing is more important than our safety, and that’s exactly what he will provide as our Sheriff.”

As a Colusa County native and a local law enforcement officer for nearly twenty years, Garofalo has dedicated his life to protecting his friends, neighbors, and county residents. After receiving a degree in criminal justice, Garofalo returned to his Colusa County home, working as a correctional officer to put himself through the Yuba Police Academy, which afforded him the opportunity to be hired by the Sheriff’s Department.

Vann an influential community figure, leader on the county board, and a former congressional candidate, Vann’s endorsement speaks volumes to the commitment and service Garofalo has exemplified as a law enforcement official over the years.

“Joe is just the kind of Sheriff that we need in Colusa County. I know that he will not only continue his record of being tough on crime, but he will also focus on programs that provide a brighter future for our youth and the community in which he was born and raised,” said Supervisor Kim Vann.

Less than a month after announcing his campaign for Sheriff, Joe Garofalo has received an overwhelming amount of support from local elected leaders, public safety officers, and members of the community. As a Colusa County native, Garofalo has always been drawn to protecting the community in which he works, lives, and raises his family.

When asked about the endorsement of Chief Jim Saso, Garofalo said, “As I look to strengthen my commitment to the region I have always called home, it is an honor to have the support of such a leader as Chief Saso. As the next Sheriff in Colusa County, I look forward to working with Chief Saso as well as other law enforcement agencies to improve the safety in our communities.”

When asked about Vann’s endorsement, Garofalo said, “I am honored to have the support of Supervisor Vann, she has been a leader for our county both on the board and in the community. As the next Sheriff for Colusa County, I look forward to working with her in the future.”

As Sheriff, Garofalo will use his experience to increase efficiency within the Department, reinstate beneficial youth programs, and protect the Colusa County way of life. Joe Garofalo and his wife Nicole have been married for over fifteen years and they are the proud parents of three children, Josie, Nicolas, and Nate.C


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