Saturday, March 6, 2021


Supporters Gather for Teragawa

Supporters of Colusa County Sheriff candidate Gary Teragawa came together for a reception in his honor at Steelhead Lodge Bar & Grill on Nov. 21.

The event was hosted by Steelhead CEO and Teragawa supporter Ed Hulbert.

In an earlier written statement of endorsement Hulbert gave his full support to Teragawa.

“I am pleased to support Gary Teragawa for Colusa County Sheriff/Coroner,” Hulbert stated.

“I have known Gary for more than 10 years in his position as CHP Commander, as a community leader on the Economic Development Corporation Board, the Colusa County Chamber of Commerce Board as well as a fellow Colusa Rotarian member. Gary’s organizational and administrative skills have helped all groups and organizations that he has worked with. He is a true professional with the law enforcement and administration experience to be an asset as to the citizens of Colusa County as Sheriff/Coroner.

He has my full support in his bid for the office,” Hulbert wrote.

Colusa County Supervisor Tom Indrieri introduced Teragawa at the reception saying he has known Gary for many years and he is a true part of the Colusa County community. “You can always count on Gary to help out when needed,” he said.

The message Teragawa shared with the reception guests was to the point. He said he wants to improve the quality of life in the communities, provide access to the highest quality of law enforcement services, attract, develop and retain quality staff, provide services beyond expectations and improve and maintain the Sheriff’s Office infrastructure and maintain long term fiscal stability.

Guests wanted to know how Teragawa would approach gang issues in Colusa County.

Teragawa said that he would pro-actively and collaboratively partner with all local law enforcement agencies, probation, education, health and human services, behavioral health, community based organizations and active parent groups to establish new goals and expand existing goals and programs to ensure public safety in Colusa County.

“The key to crime reduction is early prevention, diversion and intervention programs in elementary schools, middle schools and high schools,” said Teragawa.

Teragawa added that he endorses and supports the expansion of after school programs including sports and trade programs to keep our youth active in our community.

He also commented that in order to ensure public safety as Sheriff he would propose an opportunity to include educational opportunities for inmates to earn a GED and perhaps college credit for or vocational training. These programs will be positive steps in preparing incarcerated individuals for re-entry into the workforce and the community and thereby reducing custody time and save county general fund dollars. K

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