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Colusa County Olive Oil

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Grown in the fertile lands of Arbuckle California, JD Charter Family Olive Oil, is making an appearance with a developing reputation for freshness.

Traditionally almond growers, owners Jeff and Debbie Charter embarked on the opportunity to begin growing olives in Colusa County in late 2005. The couple began by planting 135 acres of olives between Cortina School Road and Greenbay Road in Arbuckle.

“I’ve saw this opportunity as the crop of the future,” said Jeff Charter, “it was something different and I wanted to help promote a healthier alternative.”

Olive oil has been found to contain more antioxidants than other oils, with some research suggestion it is effective in lowering blood cholesterol.

Charter Olive Oil (4)JD Charter Family Olive Oil is produced using two different varieties: Arbosana and Arbequina olives.

Arbosana and Olives, which produces a complex flavor profile, notes the taste and smell of green olives with an array of secondary aromas.

Arbequina olives represent 70 percent of the olives harvested in northern California, from Fresno to Corning. The olive is unique for its high fruitiness, balanced pungency and has a pleasing clean taste.

“The varieties chosen consume little water and fertilizer, which is good for the product,” said Jeff Charter.

Grown on a trellis, the olives, are harvested then immediately transported to Sanger, California to be milled into the final product.

“Our olives are harvested and processed into oil within 12 to 24 hours,” said Jeff Charter, “unlike many European Olive Oil where the olives can deteriorate from sitting on the ground for several days before they are processed. This is what gives our product a fresh, clean taste.”

With the help of his son’s Garrett, and Ross, and their wives, Sarah and Chelsea; JD Charter Family Olive Oil has made its first appearance at the 2013 Arbuckle Farmers Market with their 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

“We’ve had a great turnout with sales,” said Sara Charter, “Everyone comments on its freshness, and its overall clean taste.”

Olive Oil may be used in many different ways throughout the kitchen. Most often olive oil is used as a marinade, but can be used while baking as a replacement for butter.

“It’s a healthier alternative,” said Chelsea Charter, “My husband made brownies using olive oil and you couldn’t even tell the difference.”

“Our customers keep coming back for more,” added Sara Charter.

With the holiday season near, JD Charter Family Olive Oil is a perfect addition for your holiday gift baskets, or as a gift to your favorite cook.

To order your bottle of Olive Oil, contact Chelsea at (530) 219-3028, or Sara (530) 682-4468. Orders can also be placed via email at or on their Facebook page ‘JD Charter Family Olive Oil’.


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