Sunday, March 7, 2021


My Little Mayberry: Simplicity

Simplicity can be satisfying:

A single red Camilla in a crystal bowl.

Your loved one, your other loved one (the dog), a good book and the fireplace.

Free email.

Eggs fresh from the chicken. The chicken may feel differently.

Mockingbird songs.

An old dented, dinged pickup truck that starts every time.

The smell of fresh coffee brewing.

Sunrise – never the same. Ditto Sunset.

Homemade cookies.

A hand written letter from a friend.

Warm gloves.

Great sunglasses.

Ice cold water in summer. Summer in ice cold water (think Alaska).

Holding a child’s hand.


A good, long walk.

Intuiting Earth as a blue glass globe. You can see all the stars and eternity right through it, above it, in every direction. You’re not afraid. Okay, a bit dizzy, but not afraid. This is your moment. You belong here – to be yourself, to do your work, to enjoy. Simple, right?


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