Thursday, June 24, 2021


My Little Mayberry: Cursive, Kids and Secrets

Parents will soon have a new way of exchanging secrets in front of their kids. Cursive writing! Yup, many school districts have abandoned the teaching of cursive. Concentration is centering on keyboarding and printing.

Controversy? Not as much as I expected. Many teachers are relieved . Others are adamant cognitive benefits will be lost.

Some of us never perfected legible cursive…even with decades of practice. Now the shame is gone! Hey, I’m a modern communicator. Text, email, tweeting – that’s progressive!

Doctors, of course, have always been excused, in fact, expected to write illegibly. How’d that pass all these years? Maybe what they’re doing is too important to waste time on pretty loop-di- loops handwriting? Is that what the rest of the population has decided now as well?

What about signing checks and legal documents? Won’t today’s kids feel silly signing that big ol’ X ? Or will all legal documents be X’d with blood? Or a thumb print? There must be Something to identify you as you and only you. Like an implanted microchip? (see dog identification).

It’s been reported that children cannot read documents written in cursive either. The Declaration of Independence, for instance. No worries, someone has typed that up. Won’t it be funny to take Grandma and Grandpa’s old letters and documents to a specialist who can “translate” them for you? It might be an entirely new Profession! Yay increased employment numbers. And parent secrets? Cursive is your new secret code. May the loop-di-loop be with you.

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